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5 branches of Philos

Tri 1

Ayn Rand Mongrel Philosophy
Ayn Rand In order for nature to be commanded, it must be obeyed
Aristotle There is One knowable reality
Plato There are 2 realities, Warped and True
DD Palmer There are two classes of Chiropractors...
Stephenson defined deductive and inductive
Joe Keating 4 philosophies
Einstein You cannot resolve problems with the same level of thinking that existed when the problem was created
Louis Pasteur Intuition favors the prepared mind
BJ Palmer The service to others is enlightened self interest
Metaphysics Your perspective or view on the nature of reality/universe
Epistemology The nature of knowledge
Ethics Study of moral standards
Politics moral code to the society
Aesthetics artistic reflection of philosophy
Metaphysics topics Dogmatic thinking, law of identity, reason, universal intelligence, innate intelligence, allopathic philosophy, law of causality, internal contradictions
Dogmatic thinking uncritical acceptance of learned principles or knowledge
Chiro metaphysics Objectivity, the law of identity, reason
The Majoe Metaphysical Premise There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter that continually gives it's properties and actions, thus maintaining it in existance
Allopathic philosophy That which sustains life is good, that which diminishes it is bad
Allopathic definition of health established ranges of measurable clinical parameters, or..an external or physical agent used to stimulate or inhibit physiology
Law of Causality violoated by allopathic health, by the treating of the effect, ...and the proper treatment depends on the diagnosis
A Philosophical Catastrophy The inaccuracy of diagnosis, the Mayo Clinic only gets 30% correct..wrongb drugs given
Internal Contradictions created by mixing philosophies
The Law of Identity We must be clear about what we are talking about
Epistomology topics Modern vs postmodern views, reason and logic, deductive and inductive reasoning, Keatings 4 epistemologies, Innate
Reason and logic allow you to determine if there is an existance. Something exists if it is percieved
Logic The tool of reason, to integrate the perceptions into concepts. We develop concepts by our perceptions of the world
LOGIC DEFINED The art of non contradictory identification.. the law of identity. If it does not fit together, analyze the error and resolve the contradiction
Deductive reasoning The process of reasoning in which a conclusion follows a stated premice, general to specific
Inductive reasoning Particular to the general
Keating's Epistemologies A fixed or Founding Dogma, Rationalism, Private or uncritical Empiricism, Clinical Science
A fixed or Founding Dogma knowledge based on unchanging theory, spiritual inspiration, a personal authority or guru. If it exists, it is out there, using reason senses and faith(dogma)
Rationalism theories and methods are considered authoritative if derived from or consistant with basic science knowledge. We do not always know the truth..basic science is not static
Private or Uncritical Empirisicm validation of clinical methods and theories based on information uncontrolled or unpublished personal exp. falsified studies..
Clinical Science clinical knowledge and methods may be suggested by basic science or private exp, but are put to the test
Innate cluttered minds interfere with this. Innate means inborn
Innate DEFINED inborn physiological process inherent to an organism
Ethics topics Value, Virtue, Responsibility, Principled DC, Ideal vs Ordeal, Fair Exchange
Value that which ones aims to gain or keep, your moral code determines your values. You must hace alternative before you dvlp values
Virtue the act by which one gains or keeps values
A reality that is objective Metaphysics
A reality that is knowable epistemology
how you act in the face of reality Ethics
Pricipled Dc A chiro who adapts and applies the 33 principles
Ideal a selfless server ethic..matrix concept
Ordeal you cannot be selfless and make a profit..matrix is self destructive
Politics Topics Capitalism, Socialism, statism, Free Society
Capitalism Individual rights, the constitution, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness
Socialism no ind. rights, sacrifice for better good
Statism the state controls all, individuals make sacrifices for the good
Free society AKA Capitalism, guaranteed rights
Aesthetics topics unique expression, art reflects the artist, most visible aspect of your philosophy, cultural reflections
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