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Petit Prince 15-20

Petit Prince chapters 15-20

Souffler To puff, to pant
Les mers The oceans, seas
Les fleuves The rivers
Les montagnes The mountains
Les déserts The deserts
Un explorateur An explorer
Un géographe A geographer
Un coup d’œil A glance
Déçu Disappointed
Un souvenir A recollection, a memory
Entrainer To draw, to bring about
Fournir To furnish
Tailler To sharpen
Ephémère Ephemeral, temporary
Se démoder To go out of fashion, to become obsolete
Se vider To empty
Disparition Vanishing
Savant Wise man
Une enquête An inquiry, investigation
Pour flâner To saunter about
Mentir To lie
Exiger To require
Soudain Suddenly
Ouvrir To open
A l’encre In ink
Terre Earth
Quelconque Ordinary, “any old”
Milliards Billions
Entretenir To maintain
Lampions Types of lanterns
Confrère Colleague, fellow-member
Oisiveté Idleness, sloth
Nonchalance Non-caring, ease
Se tromper To make a mistake, error
S’escamotaient dans les coulisses Vanish in the wings
faire d l’esprit try to be witty
Vous leur conseillerez You should advise them
Pensum Task, chore
Anneau Loop, ring, coil
Que chacun puisse un jour retrouver la sienne So that each of us can find his own, someday
Ils se turent They were both silent
pattes paws
navire ship
La cheville Ankle
Tu me fais pitié I take pity on you
Enigmes Riddles
Je les rous toutes I solve them all
Se taire To be quiet
Résoudre To resolve
Rendre To give back, return, pronounce, produce
Enroule Roll up, wind up
Serré Compacted, closed
Honnête Honest
Peupler To people, to inhabit
Se tenir debout To stand
Entasser To pile up, to put in one place
Îlot Islet, small island
Remuer To stir, to move
Une pierre A rock
Mince Thin, skinny
Mordre To bite
Tuer To kill
Traverser to cross
Rien du tout Nothing at all
Racines Roots
Gêner To bother
Baute High
Un tabouret Footstool
Aiguille Pointed
Aiguisé Pointed
Sèche Dry
Pointue Pointed
Salée Salted
Fleuri Flowered
Echapper To escape
Il y a des années Years ago
Qui lui arrivaient au genou That came up to his knee
Une route A road
Vexée Annoyed
Created by: lromigh