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maggie ch. 6


what is a wetland? an area of low land that is partly covered by slow moving/still water
what are 2 examples of large wetlands in the Southeast region? Okefenokee Swamp and Everglades
what is a piedmont? an area of high land at the foot of a mountain
how do hurricanes affect the Southeast? they damage buildings and trees and they cause floodings
what is fertilizer materials that are added to soil to make it more fertile
which 3 tribes of Native Americans lived in the Southeast and what part did they live in? 1. powatan- near coast 2. cherokee - appalachians 3.shawnee - west of the mountains
who was Daniel Boone? he cleared a path through Cumberland Gap for wagons
how did Native Americans in the Southeast use natural resources? used wood for homes rivers/lakes for water Grew corn beans and squash hunted wild animals and caught fish
when did Wilderness Road open? 1775
what was the Wilderness Road and why was this road important? Its a road through Cumberland Gap for wagons. It helped people transport to the other side of the Appalachians quicker.
what is a plantation? a huge farm where cash crops are grown
what was the Missouri Comprise and who was the member of Congress that planned it? henry clay. Missouri wanted to become a state as a slave state, Maine also became a state as a free state to keep the number of of slave states and free states equal
who was Robert E. Lee? leader of the Confederate army
who was Ulysses S. Grant? leader of the Union army and 18th president
how did the Civil War change life for most African Americans in the Southeast? most got freed and rented land to raise crops and paid for the land with the crops they grew others moved to cities in the North and South they were free but not treated equal
who was Sequoyah? he developed a writing system for the cherokee language
what port city grew around a port along the Gulf of Mexico? New Orleans, Louisianna
how do ports help people and businesses in the Southeast participate in international trade? allow people in businesses to export their goods to other countries to sell they also make it easier to import goods from other countries to sell
trenton new jersey
little rock arkansas
annapolis maryland
charleston west virginia
atlanta georgia
frankfort kentucky
montgomery alabama
hartford connecticut
jackson mississippi
richmond virginia
augusta maine
baton rouge louisianna
columbia south carolina
tallahassee florida
albany new york
harrisburg pennsylvania
providence rhode island
montpelier vermont
raleigh north carolina
concord new hampshire
dover delaware
nashville tennessee
boston massachusetts
Created by: maddybrzz



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