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Bravo Flags

The first 10 flags pertinent to Louisiana's history.

Spanish Flag (lions and castle) DeSoto's exploration of the souther
French Fleur-de-Lis LaSalle's exploration, Bienville, Iberville, beginning of "Louisiane".
British Grand Union By the Treaty of Paris, B acquired from France its Louisiana territory east of the Mississippi and north of the Isle of Orleans. Spain ceded to Britain its territories of East and West Florida.
Spanish Flag (stripes and little lion/castle) This flag flew when, by the treaty of Fontainebleau, Louisiane became Louisiana. During this time, there were rebellions, bad governors, until things finally improved with the arrival of "Bloody O'Reilly". Right of Deposit
French Tri-Color Spain returned the Louisiana territory to France by the secret Treaty of San Ildefonso to avoid the continued deficits the colony caused and the growing possibility that Spain might have to fight the restless Americans to retain control of the lands.
US flag of 15 stars US bought the territory from France in 1803 as the Louisiana Purchase, needing the Isle of Orleans.
Lone Star West Florida Republic's briefly independent territory.
LA's weird flag.... Yellow Star For two months after seceding from the Union and before joining the Confederacy, Louisiana flew the flag of an independent nation.
CSA M. Flag The flag for the military of the CSA after it seceded and during the civil war.
1912 LA Flag LA's official flag.
Created by: flamingocfs
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