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Spine in Time Chinese records-2700 Ancient Egypt- 1500 B.C. Ancient Native Americans
Hippocrates 460 to 357 BC, wrote 70 books on healing, stressed wellnes and bodies ability to heal, used traction and manipulation
A contemporary o f Hippocrates Herodotus
Who said " Get knowledge of the spine, for this is the requisite for many diseases" Hippocrates
Claudius Galen 130 to 200 AD, anatomist and physiologist, did animal disections and wrote 500 books, "Prince of Physicians" for curing a roman scholar
Mechanistic views emerge Age of enlightenment, along with crude and dangerous spinal manipulation
Bonesetting thrown off hospital wards 16th to 17th century
Western Medicine started teaching in universities, caused the great shift of power, education emphasized logic and doctrine
Greece forerunner of modern medicine and spinal manipulation
Appreniceship for the lower class
Mechanistic Views scientific seperation of body and spirit
Vitalistic view Considered religious rites or spiritualism
Who 'threw the baby out with the bathwater'? Western Medicine
Old dad Chiro DD Palmer
The Discoverer of Chiro DD Palmer
March 6th 1845 Daniel David Palmer born
Where was DD born? Audley, Onterio Canada
DD's education 6th grade, self taught
Port Perry Where DD and Thomas were left after parent went to US
DD's odd jobs stave and match factory, schoolmaster in Iowa, landowner and bee keeper, grocery store, magnetic healer, chiropractor
DD's 1st wife Abba Lord
Louvenia Landers DD's 2nd wife
What Cheer, Iowa DD moved here in 1881, near his brother Thomas, editor of newspaper
Sept 14th, 1882 BJ Palmer born in What Cheer Iowa
Louvenia dies 1884
DD's 3rd wife Martha Henning
DD's vision walks his quest for knowledge
DD's philosophies in conflict Mechanism and Vitalism
Paul Caster magnetic healer, DD's inspiration(apprenticed), Huge practice to later becaome Ottumwa's 1st hospital)
1886 - Vital Healer DD moved to Burlington to practice magnetic healing, many alternative views were located there
Relocated to Davenport DD moved his practice to the Ryan Building in 1887, practice exploded with advertising and self promotion
DD's Golden Decade 1888, practice in the Ryan Building was Great, had many rooms
Villa Amanda DD's 4th wife..where did Martha go?
Who said "..a philosophy, science and art"? DD Palmer
Sept 18, 1895 1st Adjustment ever on Harvey Lillard
Harvey Lillard 1st patient, owned and operated a janatorial services
Samual Weed coined the term chiropractic, a scholar and reverand
Jan 14th 1896 birth date to the word Chiropractic
Palmer family secret source of friction between BJ and DD
1890's culture change to mechanism and scientism, science and teaching
Who practiced w/o a formal degree in Iowa, Michigan and W. Virginia Bj Palmer, who began practicing at 17 yo
1896-1st Schhol Chartered by DD Palmer school of Magnetic Cure, also named Palmer school & Infirmary of Chiro, Palmer school of Chiro
DD's 1st Theory 1896-Based on Inflammation
John Dewey passive learning, Dewey Decimal System, (Wilhelm Wundt model of educ.)social vs. individualistic, experimentation vs imitation
DD's 2nd Theory 1899- Based on pressure on the nerves via muscles or bones
1st Student 1897-LeRoy Baker
1st Paying Student William Seeley for 500
Jan 1902 BJ one of 4 graduates from PSC
April 16, 1902 BJ indicted for publically professing to cure and heal without having 'procured and filed a certificate with the Board of Medical Examiners'....he got off
Late 1902 DD leaves Davenport to start a new school in Santa Barbara, Ca. BJ takes over school and 8000 debt
Oakley Smith and Minora Paxon(1st woman DC) join DD in Santa Barbara as faculty
DD's 3rd Theory 1903-Nervous System is it. Discovered in Santa Barbara after adj a pt left arm, causing the pain to switch sides
Late 1903 DD returns to Davenport, partnership with BJ
Mabel Health 1904 BJ marries Mabel Health, who later wrote 1st chiro anatomy book
828 Brady St. 1905-BJ moves school and resides upstairs to cut costs
DD Indicted Oct 1905, for practicing w/o a liscence, spent 23 days in jail and pays 350 fine
Wife Villa dies Nov 1905-morphine overdose and fractured spine
Jan 12 1906 David Daniel Palmer born to BJ and Mabel
DD sells school sells his half for 2196.79 to BJ and leaves Davenport
"Science of Chiropractic" 1906-co published by BJ and DD, outlined the tenets of the subluxation (MOPI)
Tenets of Subluxation(MOPI) Misalignment of a vertebra, Occlusion of a foramen, Pressure on the nerve, Interference to nerve impulses
BJ's assets transfered to Mabel's name, infuriated DD
Universal Chiro Assoc. (UCA) formed in 1906 to give legal protection to DC's
Solon Langworthy early DD student, BJ rejects his proposal to tech together(setting his stance as a pure, straite, unadulterated chiro),
Solon Langworthy Founded American School of Chiro and Nature Cure, 1st scholarly journal 'The Backbone"(1905), collaborated with Smith and Paxon in "Modernized Chiro" (1906), founded 1st ACA(1905), 1st to use the term subluxation
Nerve Tracing 1906-founded and developed by BJ, used 'taut and tender fibers', established this method as the pure form of 'done by hand'
Meric System introduced in 1908 based on nerve tracing
1st X ray machine in PSC 1909- BJ brought to Davenport, caused unparalleled dissension among faculty
1st Spinograph by BJ 1910
Palmer College of Chir, Portland, Oregon Nov. 1908-1910-DD opens based on 18 month curriculum for 250/yr, only graduates 1 class after 12 months then school closed
'The Chiropractor's Adjuster: The Science, Art and Philosophy" 1910-written by DD, compilation of previous writings
Universal Chiro College April 1910-founded by previous PSC faculty, endorsed by DD
Joy Loban endorsed as 'philosopher of chir' by BJ just before leaving and starting new school, accused BJ of being a mixer, executed of DD's estate and brought charges against BJ for car incident
Leadership of Chiro 1910-BJ is it, maximum promoter and advocate
PSC Printing House and bindery installed by BJ
'The Fountainhead News" fueled personal loyalty in Davenport for BJ
"The Chiropractor" launched by BJ and DD in 1904 became voice of PSC, UCA and BJ
1910-1930 PSC center of chiro leadership
1914 BJ teaches Spinography
DD settles in LA 1911-lectures at Ratledge College of Chiro
Oct 20th, 1913 DD dies of Typhoid fever
Majors and Minors technique 1918
UCC moves moves to Pittsburgh, Penn
PSC becomes model 1920's-largest in the world,
Green Books BJ started in 1920's
Joe Shelby Riley Grad of Palmer-Gregory College, used spinal concussor 1919
Wonders of Chiropractic(1922) BJ buys 250watt radio st., changes it to 500 watt, becomes western link to NBC, ronald reagan employed
"Radio Salesmanship" by BJ
"the most effective annoncers were those who used as few words as possible to get their point across, and who adopted a positive attitude' BJ
Dossa Evins 1923-invents Neurocalometer(NCM), determines existance of a subluxaion, provides evidence for P(Pressure) and I(Interference)
'The Hour Has Struck" speach given by BJ in 1924 introducing NCM, began the decline in BJ's leadership,
Bj resigns as secretary of UCA in 1926
CHB(Chiro Health Bureau) 1926- formed by BJ, took over legal protection from the UCA, renamed to ICA in 1941, BJ as president till death
Neurocalograph 1928-eliminated human variable in NCM, printed on paper
Depression 1930's-PSC in receivership, only 300 students, mop handle factory, 50% schools close
Upper Cervical Specific(HIO) Hole in One 1930-BJ motivated by his 'vow' corrects 5000?
Eclectic Chiro 1930's-UCA'd dissolution causes open door to others,
Vol 18;'Subluxation Specific introduces upper cervical
1935 BJ Palmer Research Clinic Opens, motivated by battes of mixors vs straites
Research Clinic used rest and rehab, 2 week stay, documentation and validation, MD's and DC's, X-ray analysis refined, Objective Outcome Assesment dvlpd, EMG, Paraspinal Thermography
Research Concluded 1951, frontline research concluded but clinic stayed open until BJ dies(1961)
Palmer Research Clinic Files Project by Lisa Killinger, documenting and organizing
Mabel dies March 30, 1949
bladder surgery Bj -1951
Bj semi-retires in Florida,
Side Posture 1951-drop headpiece table introduced by Clay Thopson and BJ
The Greenlight 1951- Vol 35 'History of Making', looked at as a the OK to practice other than Upper Cervical
May 27, 1961 BJ dies in Sarasota, FL, two unfinished manuscripts
1925-1935 50% schools close,
non profit shift begins in 1930's due to quackery
NCA-National Chiro Assoc 1930-BJ called it the advance guard of 'medical mongrelization"
John Nugent NCA director of Edu, anti-palmer, goal to elevate trade schools, wanted non profit schools,
Committee on Edu Standards created by NCA(1935)
Circle of wagons mentality Chiro was attacking itself
CHB becomes ICA 1941
GI Bill 1944 allowed war veterans to go to school, helped the profession
1942-1945 further decline davenport(PSC), Chicago (National), Los Angeles (Ratledge)
Chiropractic Research Foundation (CRF) 1945-created by NCA
NCA council on Education mixers (Broad Scope View)
ICA Chiropractic Education Commission straights (Narrow Scope View)
Basic Science Legislation NCA dvlpd-requires basic science exam
Ntl. Board of Chiro Examiners NBCE 1963-incorp. in Tx, supported by both NCA and ICA
Modern ACA used to be NCA
CCE-Council on Chir Edu awarded full listing as accreditation agency
ACC-Assoc. of Chiro Colleges tries same thing, fail
Tom Morris protected BJ assets when DD went to jail, former Da and state senator
Dr. Shirgataro Morikuba got off a charge for illegal practicing by using philosophy as a defence, used " Modernized Chiro" as evidence
AMA Comm. on Quackery forbid interaction w/DC's, forbid MD's to teach at Chiro colleges. anti-chiro campaign, book funded "At your own risk...", delays Chiro into Medicare, grassroots letter..
AMA Anti-Trust Lawsuit WIlk's Case, 5 DC's s against AMA, filed in 1976, concluded in 1983, retried, appeals for 100 years, final in 1992
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