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What is a Mandate Heaven? A Mandate of Heaven says that governments may rule so long as they do so fairly. A government may rule if it benefits the people.
What is Loess? Hint: Dirt Loesss is a dusty yellow soil that is easily blown/carried by the wind. During summer rains it was into the Huang He river making it muddy yellow.
What is steppe? A steppe is a dry treeless plain.
What is a Gorge? A Gorge is a mountain pass (or valley) with very steep rocky sides.
What is a plateau? A Plateau is a large plain/flat land.
What is a famine? Hint: Feast or famine A Famine is when there is a widespread shortages of food.
What is a Grand School? A Grand School is the best school in the Empire. The best place for Chinese students to be educated.
What is a levee? Hint: It holds back the water in a river, but not a dam. A Levee is wall that keeps a river within its banks so it does not over flow to the sides.
What is Confucianism? Hint: Religion Confucianism are the teachings of Confucius.
What is "bureaucracy"? Bureaucracy is an organization that runs the daily business of the government.
What is a Seismograph? Hint: earthquake A Seismograph is used to detect earthquakes.
What is Daoism? Teaching of Lao Zi. Daoism is a belief that nature should guide people in their lives. He did not believe in the materialistic things or being a in high office of government.
What are oracle bones? Hint: Chinese writing known as "Shang Writing" was written on them. The writing on the bones were used to predict the future. Cow and sheep bones with writing on them were called Oracle Bones.
What is a Dynasty? A dynasty is a long line of rulers who belong to the same family.
What is a province? A province is a political division of land.
Who is Genghis Khan? He was a Mongol leader and political genius.
Who is Kublai Khan? Genghis Khan's grandson, He invaded southern China. Ruled for 27 years.
Who is Marco Polo? He was an Italian merchant traveler who was the first European to reach China. The Silk Road.
Who is Fu Hao? She is wife of King Wu Ding
Who is Wu Wang? He defeated Shang army, established new dynasty in Hanng Walky.
Who is Laozi? He was a famous Chinese thinker.
Who is Shihnangdi? Ying Zeing is his real name. Shihnangdi is his real name. Emperor of China.
Who is Liu Pang? He was a peasant that led the rebellion with Hsiang Yu
Who is Duke of Zou? He was the brother of WuWang's brother. The Duke of Zou ruled for WuWang child until he was old enough to rule. The Dulke was remembered as a great Chinese hero and an example of good leadership.
What is Huang He? Hint: Water It is the Yellow River. It flows about 3,000 miles across Northern China Plains. Where the Haung H floods the Chian Plains.
What is the Chang Jiang? Hint: Water following It is a river on the South Edge of North China. It is also known as the long river.
What is the Tibetan Plateau? The towering Himalayan Mountains form the southern edge of a large high plain called the Tibetan Plateau. The Tibetan Plateau s where the Huang He river starts.
Who is Confucius? China's most famous scholar. His name is Kong Fu Zi. In English it is known as Confucius. He teachings about government and family would change China forever.
Who is Wudi? He was an emperor who ruled China from 140 BC to 87 BC and he decided to expand the Chinese bureaucracy that runs the daily business of government.
What is a famine? Hint: No food A famine is when there is a widespread shortage of food.
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