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Indiana BMV Practice

If your vehicle's conventional disc or drum brakes suddenly fail, you should immediately: shift to a low gear, if possible, and pump the break fast and hard several times
In a situation with a flat tire or blow-out, you should first: hold the steering wheel firmly
It is dangerous and illegal to try to pass other vehicles when _________ of an intersection, railroad crossing, bridge, viaduct or tunnel. 100 feet
The maximum speed limit in a highway work zone must not exceed: 45 mph
When operating a vehicle with a steering wheel interlock system, never turn _________ while the vehicle is in motion. the ignition to lock position
To avoid the effects of glare of the oncoming headlights, the driver should not look directly into the lights of an approaching vehicle, but instead: focus on the right side of the road
A yield sign indicates that a driver must slow down when approaching an intersection and _________ if a vehicle or pedestrian with the right-of-way is approaching from another direction. be prepared to come to a complete stop
If you are approaching an intersection with a non-operating signal, you should: stop before entering the intersection
If you are approaching a stop sign, you must: stop at the solid white stop line
If another vehicle is passing you on the left-hand side of the road, allow the other vehicle to pass safely, and: do not increase you speed
When you enter an interstate on-ramp, you must stay to the right and _________ to allow your car to merge with traffic. increase your speed in the acceleration lane
The first rule of a safe and legal turn is: to move in the proper lane well before the turn
When visibility is diminished, drivers must use low-beams when: 500 feet of an oncoming vehicle
If the speed limit is 50 mph or greater, you must give proper turn signal ________ before turning or changing lanes. at least 300 feet
When you see the letters 'RR' painted on the pavement, you are approaching: railroad crossing
When turning left from a two-way street onto a one-way street, you must: begin the turn with your left wheel as close as possible to the yellow dividing line
If you are stopped at a traffic light and another vehicle is approaching you from behind at a high speed, you should: pull your vehicle foward
When following a vehicle at night, always: switch off your high-beam headlights
__________are made to stop runaway vehicles safely without injuring drivers and passengers on steep mountain grades. escape ramps
the red triangle shaped sign is place on the rear of: a slow moving vehicle
You must avoid driving next to other vehicles on multi-lane roads because: someone may crowd your lane
You may not pass another vehicle except under the following condition: your lane is separated by a broken yellow line
Created by: JohnnVasquez