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Constitution #1

Mr D's "The Constitututional Convention and Ratification"

What is a "constitution"? A written plan of government
What is a "bill of rights"? A list of individual freedoms
Where and when was the Constitutional Convention? Philadelphia in 1787
How many states sent delegates to the Constitutional Convention? Twelve- Only Rhode Island did not send delegates
What role did Ben Franklin play at the Constitutional Convention? He was the peacemaker. His sense of humor and witty stories helped to calm the atmosphere. He was also the oldest delegate there (81).
What role did Gouveneur Morris play at the Constitutional Convention? He was the writer of the Constitution. He used flexible language that has enabled the Constitution to keep up with the times.
What role did Alexander Hamilton play at the Constitutional Convention? He pushed the delegates to create a strong central government. Later, he co-authored the Federalist Papers with James Madison and John Jay.
What was Virginia's Plan of Government? It was a plan for the government of the United States that favored states with larger populations.
How many branches of government did the Virginia Plan propose? Three- legislative, executive, and judicial
According to the Virginia Plan, how many houses of the legislative branch did the large states favor? Two (a bicameral legislature)
According to the Virginia Plan, what would a state's representation be based upon in the legislative branch? Population- the higher the population, the more votes towards making laws a state would have
Who proposed the Virginia Plan? Edmund Randolph
What was New Jersey's plan of government? It was the plan for the national government that favored the states with the smaller populations. It was a response to the Virginia Plan at the Constitutional Convention.
Under the New Jersey Plan, how many branches of government were proposed? Three- legislative, executive, and judicial
Under the New Jersey Plan, how many houses were proposed for the legislative branch? One (a unicameral legislature)
Under the New Jersey Plan, what would the representation of each state be based upon? All states would have the same number of representatives and votes towards making laws regardless of population. They would be equals!
Who proposed the New Jersey Plan? William Patterson of New Jersey
What is a "compromise"? An agreement in which both sides give in a little to reach an agreement
Who proposed the "Great Compromise"? Roger Sherman of Connecticut. The Great Compromise is also sometimes referred to as the Connecticut Plan.
How did the Great Compromise organize the national government? There would be three branches of government- legislative, executive, and judicial. There would be a bicameral legislature with the upper house (Senate)having two senators/state and a lower house (House of Representatives) based on state population.
What was the Three-Fifths Compromise? It was an agreement that settled differences between the north and south on the counting of slaves for population purposes. Every five slaves would be counted as three people towards a state's population.
Why was counting slaves an issue at the Constitutional Convention? The south wanted slaves to be counted towards population and the north did not. A state's population count would determine the number of votes it would have in the House of Representatives.
What was the compromise regarding the importation of slaves? The Slave Trade Compromise- The north and the south agreed that the issue of importing slaves would not be brought up in congress for 20 years.
What is the job of the legislative branch? Congress passes the laws
What is the job of the executive branch? The President, Vice President, the Cabinet, and the departments enforce or carry out the laws
What is the job of the Judicial Branch/ The Supreme Court and the lower federal courts interpret the meaning of the laws.
What does the term "federalism" mean? Federalism is the division or sharing of power between the state and national governments. The states wanted to keep some of the power for themselves and feared having a central government that was too strong.
What does the term 'popular sovereignty" mean? The political authority belongs to the people.
What is the principle of "checks and balances"? Checks and balances are the system which keeps any branch of government from becoming too powerful. (ex. The President can veto a bill passed by Congress)
What is a "unicameral legislature"? A one-house legislature as proposed under the New Jersey Plan
What is a "bicameral legislature" A two-house legislature. Congress is a two-house legislature (The Senate and the House of Representatives) The state of New York also has a bicameral legislature (The State Senate and the State Assembly)
What is an "amendment"? A change or an addition to the Constitution
What does the term "ratify" mean? to approve
What is the "Bill of Rights"? The Bill of Rights is a list of freedoms. They were the first ten amendments added to the Constitution in 1791.
Who were the "Federalists"? They were the supporters of ratification of the Constitution
Who were the Antifederalists"? They were against the ratification of the Constitution. They feared it gave the national government too much power and there was no Bill of Rights.
What was the ratification process for the Constitution? After the Constitutional Convention adjourned, the Constitution was sent to each of the states for a vote of approval. When nine of the 13 states voted to ratify it, the Constitution would take effect and replace the Articles of Confederation.
What were the "Federalist Papers"? They were anonymous paper written in support of ratification of the Constitution under the name of Publius. they were actually written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison
Where is the Bill of Rights located in the Constitution? They were the first ten amendments added to the Constitution.
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