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Manifest Destiny

Ch. 12 8th grade review

Took the law into their own hands vigilantes
Official order decree
gold seekers forty-niners
huge Mexican properties ranchos
a meeting rendezvous
Green River explorer Jm Beckwourth
army officer who sparked interest in California John C. Fremont
brought measles epidemic to Cayuse by accident Marcus Whitman
first American trader to reach Santa Fe William Becknell
brought first American settlers to Texas Stephen Austin
way to Oregon country Oregon Trail
William Becknell's route Santa Fe Trail
mountain man turned guide Kit Carson
ordered Texans execution Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna
Mormon land in Utah Deseret
How mountain men made their living fur trappers
City founded by mormons, originally called Deseret Salt Lake City
Why many Americans settled in Oregon country fertile land
What the U.S insisted was the border between the United States and Mexico Rio Grande
The last country to challenge U.S control of Oregon Britain
allowed people from both Britain and the U.S to settle in Oregon country joint occupation
Commander and chief of the Texas forces Sam Houston
made huge profits during the Gold Rush merchants
Led the Mormon migration to the Great Salt lake area Brigham Young
what the Texan leaders were doing during the siege at the Alamo writing a new constitution
third part of James K. Polk's war plan capture Mexico City
high point of the year for mountain men the rendezvous
town in California that was seized by a small group and renamed Sonoma
event that ended in a few years but had long lasting effects on California's ecomony Gold Rush
Who were the forty-niners, and why did they come to California?
How did President James K. Polk get Americans to go to war with Mexico?
How did the early settlers of the West help pave the way for the California Gold Rush?
Created by: Hintze



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