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History chapter 23

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Lusitania a British passenger liner that sunk may 1915 by Germans
William Jennings Bryan resigned a Secretary of state because he didn't like the way Willson handled the anti-German attacks
Sussex a french passenger ship attacked by a German U-boat
Sussex Pledge Germans agreed not to attack merchant ships without warning
Zimmerman note secret telegram sent to mexico by that proposed mexico to join Germany and was decoded and published in american newspapers
Arthur Zimmerman German foreign minster that sent the Zimmerman note
When did congress declare war? April 6, 1917
Committee on public Information (CPI) formed by president Wilson in order to persuade the support of the war effort
What does the CPI do? it organizes rallies and parades and published posters and pamphlets
Espionage Act and Sedition Act restricted free speech and allowed the government to arrest opponents of war
Selective Service Act required men between 21-30 to register to be drafted to war in 1917/ 3million to WWI
Liberty bonds money from the sale provided billions of dollars in loans to the Allies
War Industries board (WIB) oversaw the production and distribution of steel, copper, cement, and rubber
Food Administration worked to increase food supplies for the troops
Jane Adams against US entry into war
Jeannette Rankin first female of congress cast a vote against declaring war/ from Montana
National War Labor Board April 1918, the board helped workers and management avoid strikes and reach agreements . est. a minimum wage and fair pay for women
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