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Westward Expansion

SS Westward Expansion 2016

Which invention led to rapid advances in travel by boat and train? steam engine
The journey of the Cherokee who were forced to move from their homes in the Appalachians to the Indian Territory is known as Trail of Tears
To whom did the US pay 15 million dollars to gain California, New Mexico, and all the land north of the Rio Grande River? Mexico
In the late 1700’s and early 1800’s there was a great change in the United States. Goods that had been produced or made by hand were now being made in factories. There were changes in transportation as well. What was this time called? The Industrial Revolution
Which river did Lewis and Clark begin their journey in? Missouri
This phrase means "obvious fate". Americans felt we had the God-given right and duty to expand the borders of the US from ocean to ocean. Manifest Destiny
Men who led an expedition through the Louisiana Territory for Thomas Jefferson. They brought back detailed notes of what they saw. They were helped by the Indian Sacajawea. Lewis and Clark
What became the first National Road? The Wilderness Trail
What impact did Lewis and Clark's expedition have on the United States? Lewis made scientific observations and collected specimens of animals and plants . They created maps to guide future people in their westward expansion.
The name of a natural pass in the Appalachian Mountains, near the meeting point of Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. Cumberland Gap
Despite the hardships of travel, Americans moved west. They were looking for what 3 things? adventure, new and rich land, and finding a place to start over
President _______________ decided to send an expedition to explore the land known as the Louisiana Purchase. Thomas Jefferson
What is the name of the Spanish mission where Texans were defeated by Mexico? The Alamo
Who was the ruler of Mexico during the Texas-Mexican War? General Santa Anna
Who was the leader of the Texas army who defeated Gen. Santa Anna and became the President of the Republic of Texas? General Sam Houston
What was the Texan's battle cry after they lost one of the more famous battles? " Remember the Alamo!"
The name of the machine that cotton seeds from its stem. cotton gin
Parts of a product that were built to standard size so that they could be easily replaced. interchangeable part
A railroad that crosses a continent; the one was completed in the US in 1869. Transcontinental Railroad
What canal was dug to connect the Hudson River to Lake Erie? Erie Canal
Who was Robert Fulton? Inventor of the steam engine
Who was Eli Whitney? Inventor of the cotton gin.
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