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UShist 9.2

Quiz practice

Julius Rosenberg Found guilty of spying for the Soviet Union and sent to the electric chair in 1953.
Joseph McCarthy Senator from Wisconsin that led communist "witch hunts" in the government and military.
Mao Zedong Communist leader of the People's Republic of China
Fidel Castro became dictator of Cuba after the 1959 revolution.
Douglas MacArthur General of U.S. troops in Korea; forced to resign when he wanted to expand the war into China.
Dwight D. Eisenhower Hero of WWII, became president in the 50's.
Nikita Krushchev Leader of the Soviet Union after Stalin died.
Brinkmanship Ike's policy of threatening to go to war to combat the spread of communism.
McCarthyism Destroying reputations by making accusations without evidence.
Space Race Competition between the two world superpowers to develop satellites and rockets.
U-2 incident Ruined efforts to ease Cold War tensions
38th parallel The result of the Korean War was Korea remained split at the:
Fear of drawing the Soviet Union into war Reason Truman did not want to bomb China during the Korean War.
Soviet Union exploded an atom bomb. What factor intensified the American interest in developing a hydrogen bomb?
Created by: Freshmensphs