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US/VA Unit 5 Vocab

Reshaping the Nation

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
Andrew Carnegie Scottish immigrant who made his fortune in the steel industry
Angel Island Port of entry for immigrants from Asia; located in San Francisco
assimilation the act of adopting the customs of one's new society to blend in
Booker T. Washington Virginia-born African American activist who advocated for technical eduacation. He founded the Tuskegee Institute
Chinese Exculsion Act of 1882 Piece of legislation which sought to ban Chinese immigrants
Clayton Anti-Trust Act Stronger trust-busting legislation created in 1910
Cornelius Vanderbilt Railroad baron who is often viewed as a "robber baron"
Cyrus McCormick Virginia-based inventor who created the reaper
Ellis Island Port of entry for immigrants from Europe; located in New York
Eugene Debs Socialist labor organizer who was jailed during the Pullman Strike
Exodusters African Americans who made an exodus to the West after the Civil War
Great Migration Term used to describe the movement of African Americans northward for jobs and opportunity
Haymarket Square A strike in Chicago which got out of hand due to the involvement of anarchists
Henry Ford Often associated with the automobile but most importantly invented the assembly line
Homestead Act 1962 Act which granted land for a small filing fee to anyone who agreed to live on it for 5 years
Homestead Strike Strike that occurred at a Carnegie Steel plant in Pittsburgh
Ida B. Wells African American woman who was a journalist during the Progressive Era
Immigration Restriction Act of 1921 Anti-Immigration legislation that severely impacted individuals from Eastern Europe
Initiative A method of proposing a piece of legislation
Jim Crow Laws Legislation in the Southern United States which was discriminatory torwards African Americans
J. P. Morgan A leader in both the financial and steel industries
John D. Rockefeller Major oil baron who was a famous trust organizer
Knights of Labor Early labor union whose influence ended with some poorly managed strikes
Laissez-Faire Policy Belief that government should stay "hands-off" towards business
19th Amendment allows women to vote
Plessy v. Ferguson Surpeme Court case that said "seperate but equal" was legal
Progressive Movement Movement that sought to solve the ills of society
Pullman Strike Strike that was ended when President Cleveland sent in troops to prevent interference with mail delivery
Recall vote to remove a public official from office (state level)
Referendum a question on the ballot to resolve a political issue
Samuel Gompers Labor activist and founder of the American Federation of Labor
17th Amendment called for direct popular election of senators
Sherman Anti-Trust Act Created in 1890 to regulate industry and tackle the issue of trusts
16th Amendment addded the income tax
Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, the phonograph and the first power station
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Tragedy in New York that resulted from poor working conditions and lack of fire code
Upton Sinclair A socialist and famous muckraker who wrote "The Jungle"
W.E.Dubois African American activist who believed a college degree was the best path for the success of African Americans
Wright Brothers invented the first airplane in North Carolina
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