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The Effects of WWII

US History - covers post WWII/Cold War

Yalta Churchill, Stalin, Roosevelt - met in Yalta in 1945 - final strategy for postwar Germany
Potsdam Stalin, Truman, Atlee - finalized how to divide Germany into four zones
2 Superpowers Post WWII Russia and US
Imperialism Colonial occupation of countries - need post WWII - more countries pushed for independence
Soviet/Eastern Bloc countries - GOAL Spread world-wide communism
US & Western Democracies - GOAL Containment of Communism and the eventual collapse of the Communist world
Espionage CIA (US) KGB (Russia) Gathering information for use against another country
Arms Race Nuclear Escalation - primarily between the US and Soviet Union (Russia)
"Iron Curtain" Winston Churchill (1946)
Japan Occupation General Douglas MacArthur - new constitution - abolished their armed forces - set up a democratic government
Universal Declaration of Human Rights Issued by the UN (United Nations) 1948 -condemned slavery, torture, upheld free speech and religion
Geneva Convention Governs the humane treatment of wounded soldiers and POWS (Prisoners of War
Nuremburg Trials Key leaders of the Nazi Party were brought to trial for war crimes
Truman Doctrine Truman asked Congress for money to help Turkey and Greece fight Communism (1947) the US gave them $400 million
Marshall Plan Plan to rebuild Europe - George Marshall - Secretary of State (1948) US gave $12.5 Billion - Russia and Eastern Europe did not accept
Berlin Airlift Stalin had blocked supplies to West Berlin - US and GB had supplies airlifted into the citizens of West Berlin - 1948
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization - 12 Western European nations agreed to work together to defend Western Europe - 1949
Warsaw Pact Russia and the Eastern Bloc countries formed this to combat NATO - 1955
Big Ivan 1961 the most powerful nuclear weapon ever exploded - 4,000 times more powerful than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima
Brinkmanship John Foster Dulles - SOS - believed that only going to the brink of war could the US discourage communist aggression
Nikita Krushchev Leader of the Soviet Union 1953
Eisenhower Doctrine the US would use force to help any nation threatened by communism
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
Sputnik 1 Oct. 4, 1957 Russians launched the first satellite
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration - Congress passed legislation to educate more scientists
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