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Golden Age of Greece

Chapter 9 Test Review

What is a direct democracy? It gave every Athenian who was a free male over 18 years of age an equal vote in the assembly.
Where women and slaves allowed to vote in a direct democracy? No, they were not allowed to vote.
What is a representative democracy? Citizens elect other people to make decisions for them.
Give an example of a representative democracy. US government
What is Salamis? An island where the Persian War began.
Who won the Peloponnesian War? Athens or Sparta Sparta won the Peloponnesian War.
When did the Peloponnesian War take place? 400 BC
Why did the Peloponnesian War take place? Athens and Sparta were the most powerful Greek city-states but each wanted more power.
What was the long series of battles between Athens and Sparta called? The Peloponnesian War
After winning the war, Sparta replaced the democracy of Athens with ______? Dictatorship
What is a dictatorship? A government with absolute power.
A dictatorship made up of an oligarchy ruled by 30 pro-Spartan aristocrats and was known for its cruel way of ruling is called ________. The Thirty Tyrants
What is an oligarchy? A government ruled by a few.
What did the Thirty Tyrants do that was so bad? They completely ignored the democratic laws of Athens and took away many of the rights of the citizens.
Who changed the requirements of citizenship in Athens after the war? The Thirty Tyrants
Who were the only citizens that had the right to a trial under the Thirty Tyrants rule? The Three Thousand
Who were the 3,000 richest citizens of Athens? The Three Thousand
Who replaced the Athenian council with their own council? The Thirty Tyrants
Who replaced the Athenian police force with their own police force and told them to guard the city-stated of Athens? The Thirty Tyrants
Who believed that philosophy was the most important thing to study? Socrates
What is philosophy? The study of knowledge.
Who believed in finding out the truth about important things and believed in being fair and open minded? Socrates
How did Socrates teach? He taught by asking questions.
Why was Socrates made to drink poison? He raised questions about the people in power and questioned how the government was being run.
Who was one of the most brilliant philosophers and teaches? Socrates
What did Socrates base his teaching on? Morales: knowing right from wrong
What is the method of teaching that requires students to think for themselves? The Socratic method.
Socrates is still discussed today because _______? his Socratic method of teaching is still used as a model for debating ideas.
What does it mean to debate something? Discuss the good and bad points about something.
Aristotle was a student of _____? Plato
Aristotle is known for what? collecting, organizing and classifying information.
What was the name of the school that Aristotle opened? The Lyceum
Why is Aristotle still important today? His method of collecting, organizing and classifying information is used in modern science.
What happened at a mountain pass called Thermopylae? A small Greek force fought Xerxes' army.The Greeks defended the pass until their last soldier fell. The Persians then broke through and captured Athens.
Who was Aristotles son? Alexander the Great
Alexander became the ruler of _____________ a huge empire made up of many different people and cultures.
What did Alexander introduce to his huge empire? Greek language and Greek culture
What is the time period called that Alexander the Great influenced? The Hellenistic Age
479 BC to 431 BC The Golden Age of Athens.
A time of great cultural achievement in Athens is called ____? The Golden Age of Athens
Created by: michele weber



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