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4B Constitution

Vocabulary from the Constitution

attained accomplished
subsequent next
exceed more than
qualifications requirements
composed made up of
immediately now
expiration end of something
sole only
convicted found guilty
indictment accusation; the formal beginning of a criminal case
reconsidered thought about something a second time
concur agree
commerce trade
establish create
inferior less important
insurrection rebellion or revolt
vested protected by law
distinct separate or unique
majority more than half
respective relating to each individual
quorum the number of members of a group who must be present to conduct business
herein inside this document
enumeration count
consequence result
preamble introduction
union joining together
domestic inside the United States
tranquility peace
liberty freedom
posterity children
ordain create
legislative powers ability to write new laws
bicameral two houses of Congress
electors voters
qualifications qualities needed for a job
requisite necessary
inhabitant resident
enumeration count
subsequent after
census counting who lives here
exceed greater than
vacancy unoccupied place
executive authority state governor
impeachment trial in the Senate
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