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Iron Thunder

vocab for novel

anchorage a place where ships anchor
balloon spotters people in baskets tethered to balloons to observe the ground
battery military term for cannons
blockade one side tries to prevent the enemy from moving troops or supplies
bow front of boat
breech back end of a muzzle or firearm, where the explosive charge is packed
brig room used as a jail in a boat
capstan wheel on which an anchor cable is wound
come about nautical term for turning around
copperhead person in the north who was for the south
crew total number of active men on a ship
cutter sail boat with only one mast
dahlgren cannons invented by John Dahlgren to hold more shot to fire longer distances
draft minimum depth of water a ship needs to float
fathom nautical term for measuring water depth-six feet
feds Federal forces of the USA
flagship primary ship among a fleet of ships
floating battery raft with cannons
gunboat armed ship of modest size
gunpowder put in pre-weighted cloth bags for easy loading
helmsman member who turned the steering wheel
Jefferson Davis US Senator turned president of the Confederacy
knot nautical term for measuring speed
magazine storage place for powder
Merrimac Confederate ironclad ship
Monitor Union ironclad built by John Ericsson
run up roll a cannon forward so that it is ready to fire
screw propeller propeller that drives all ships invented by John Ericsson
on station location and task assigned to a navy ship
paddle wheelers steamships with large paddle wheels on both sides of the ship
port left side of a ship
ram cast-iron spike in the hull to pierce the hull of another ship
navy jack official flag of the navy
mutiny rebellion on a ship; crew takes control from the officers
servants navy officers had their own servants--not part of the crew
shoal shallow section of water
starboard right side of a ship
stern rear of the boat
USS United States Ship
watch crews were divided into watches: some slept or were off-duty while others worked
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