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East and South Asia

6th grade WAVE SS South and East Asia

What are the three Abrahamic religions? Christianity, Islam, Jewdism
Who was the prophet for Christians? Jesus Christ
Who was the prophet for the Jews? Abraham
Who was the prophet for the Muslims? Muhammad
Where do Christians worship? Church
Where do Jews worship? Synagogues
Where do Muslims worship? Mosque
What is the Christians' holy book? Bible
What is the Jews' holy book? Torah
What is the Muslims' holy book? Qur'an
In the Modern Middle East, supplies us with most of our oil? Saudi Arabia supplies us with petroleum
What are the two other names for the Alluvion Plain? Mesopotamia and the Fertile Crescent
What two rivers surround Mesopotamia? Tigris and Euphrates
What does monotheistic mean? Believing in one God
What is the word for believing in multiple gods? Polytheistic
Were the Egyptians monotheistic or polytheistic? polytheistic
What was the status of a Pharaoh? king/god
What was Gaza? 10 pyramids built there including the tallest- The Great Pyramid of Khufi
What is papyrus paper like material made from plants
Define Deities gods
Define Hieroglyphics writing system based on pictures created by the Egyptians
What type of government is Saudi Arabia? Oligarchy
What country lets terrorists hide in their tall mountains? Afghanistan
Dubai doesn't employ who and does employ who? Women and Foreigners
The heart of the Ottoman Empire was located in which modern country? Turkey
Define sultan Ottoman leader that appointed officials to collect taxes
List the countries of East Asia Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Mongolia, China, Taiwan
Define Archiplago group of islands like Japan
Define Peninsula a piece of land jutting out surrounded by water on three side like Korea
Define landlocked country surrounded by land on all sides like mongolia
Define the DMZ demilitarized zone; border between North and South Korea; soldiers on both sides
Define loess yellow soil from the Yellow River or Huang He
Longest river yang-Tzu or Chang Jaong
Second Longest river Huang he or Yellow River
Explain the Grand canal it connects Huang He and Chang Jaong
Communist country(s) North Korea and China
Democratic countries Japan, South Korea, Mongolia, Taiwan
Define Maritime sea trade routes
Define Bartering deals with money
Define Caravan land travel in long lines of camels
philosephers Lao Tzu Confucius buddah
Lao tzu Daoism the way
confucious Confucius relationships
buddah Buddhism middle path
china beijing
n knorea Pyongyang
s korea seoul
japan tokyo
mongolia Ulaanbaatar
taiwan Taipei
Created by: Sara.M
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