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Chapters 6&7 Review

Homestead Act, Exodusters, Immigration, Cattle Drives, and Railroads!

What was the Homestead Act? A citizen can apply for the land (a loan from the government) and live on it for 5 years. If the settler improves the land, they can purchase the land for dirt cheap.
What was a Homesteader? A person who looked to settle in the new lands opened by the government.
What was a Homesteaders house made of? Sod.
How could a Homesteader keep his land? By improving the land after 5 years.
What were some push factors for immigrants coming to Kansas? Political corruption, droughts, no jobs, overpopulation, and high taxes.
What were some pull factors for immigrants coming to Kansas? Cheap land, opportunity, jobs.
What were some immigrant groups coming to Kansas? British, Mexican, Swedish, German, Italian, and French.
Who were Exodusters? African Americans who migrated north in order to escape hardships and start a new life.
Where did Exodusters come from? The South /slave states.
Where did Exodusters go? Kansas (the symbol of freedom), the North, the West
What town did Exodusters establish in Kansas? Nicodemus
Why did cattle drives start? There was a beef shortage in the east. No railroads were in Texas so the cattle drives took cattle to Kansas to use the railroads to ship east.
Why did cattle drives end? Railroads were built in Texas.
What were cowtowns? Place where cattle drive ends. They are the point of which cattle is shipped east by railroad.
What was a cowboy? A person who herds cattle.
What were hardships for cowboys during cattle drives? Weather, long days, length of trail, terrain of trail, cattle thieves, money.
What does monopoly mean? When only one company provides or produces a product or service.
What does subsidy mean? Financial assistance given by the government.
What was the Pacific Railroad Act? The government gave public lands to railroad companies in exchange for building tracks where the government wanted them to.
Who was Cyrus K. Holliday? He brought the railroad to Kansas. Established the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad.
Who was Fred Harvey? Successful businessman. Established hotels, restaurants, and dining cars.
What was a plat? A map showing actual or planned features, such as streets and buildings.
What does a town's development depend on? Having a railroad station.
Who were Buffalo Soldiers? African Americans recruited for the Peacetime army
What were the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties? Treaties to establish peace between Native Americans and the U.S.
What did the U.S. government want from the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties? Land for American settlement and the railroad
What did the Native Americans want from the Medicine Lodge Peace Treaties? Schools, farming tools, food, and protection from whites
Who was Satanta? Kiowa chief who was outspoken about not trusting the U.S.
What was the Sand Creek Massacre? Colorado military commander betrayed Black Kettle and took 700 soldiers to murder 150 men, women, and children.
Created by: smithmjoseph