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ATS-History 7

1920's Quiz

What 2 cities had the highest African American population between 1900-1920? Philadelphia and New York
***What was not an adaptation needed by settlers to the Great Plains? Plantations or Slavery Plantations
What ****was created to aid former enslaved African Americans? The Freedman's Bureau
New Orleans is located in what state? Louisianna
Utah is located in what region? Northern Plains or Rocky Mountains? Rocky Mountain
The purpose of the Temperance Movement was to oppose what? The consumption of alcohol
What year did women gain the right to vote? 1920
What year did World War I end in? 1918
Alliances made with the Central Powers WAS or WAS NOT a reason that the U.S. became involved in WWI? WAS NOT
What was the name of the book that told about the jazz age of the 1920's? The Great Gatsby
This painter was very well know for his work during the Harlem Renaissance? Jacob Lawrence
This person wrote about the strength of migrant workers during the 1930's. John Steinbeck
An article in the Chicago Times newspaper on July 29,1919 said that African Americans faced violence in which 2 areas? North South East West North and West
New Orleans was a major destination for African Americans moving North and West. TRUE or FALSE FALSE
What 2 areas of population would you find the Suburban areas? Between cities and rural areas
Was the television considered a device that saved on labor? No
What populated areas were often neglected and usually the last to get new inventions? The rural areas
Discrimination against African Americans continued, even after this __________ ended in 1877. Reconstruction
The U.S. was transformed from a mechanized to an industrial nation between the Civil War and WWI. TRUE or FALSE False
What does corollary mean? When something is added to a document
Created by: glink
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