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Ch. 8 section 2

Important people, events and places

The Whiskey Rebellion 1) growing resistance to the tax on whiskey in Pennsylvania 2) 1794 the protest turned violent 3) Washington sent military troops to shut down the rebellion
Struggle over the West 1) Washington signed a treaty with Native Americans over the Northwest Territory 2) settlers ignored the treaty and settled there anyway 3) Native Americans fought back 4)Native Americans fought St. Claire's troops and won
Battle of Fallen Timbers 1794 - this crushed the Native Americans' dreams of keeping their land
Treaty of Greenville Native Americans agreed to give up the land in Ohio
Proclamation of Neutrality - Washington issued 1) U.S. citizens could not fight for France or Britain 2) Barred French and English warships from our ports
British Impressment The British captured our trading ships and made the crew work for the British Navy
Jay's Treaty Chief Justice John Jay negotiated a treaty in which the British would withdraw from American soil. This did not deal with British Impressment, and many people were not happy with this treaty.
Pinckney's Treaty This treaty with Spain gave America the right to navigate the Mississippi River and establish trade within New Orleans.
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