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Test Review

Washington, Adams, Jefferson Presidencies

The _____________________________ were the hundreds of appointments made by John Adams as he left office in 1801. Midnight Judges
Aaron Burr was accused by________A_______________ of _________B___________ for plotting to lead New York out of the Union. a. Alexander Hamilton b. Treason
______________________ means to leave or withdraw. Secede
The ________________________ Act required residence be 14 years instead of 5 years before they become eligible for citizenship. Naturalization
The ____________________ was written to prevent the events of the Election of 1800 from happening again. Amendment 12
The _________________________ political party opposed the purchase of the Louisiana Territory. Federalist
_____________________________ is the belief that the United States had a “God-given” right to expand across the entire continent. Manifest Destiny
_________________________ are immigrants living in a country who are not citizens. Aliens
________________________ are taxes on foreign goods. Custom Duties
The ____________________ Act allowed the president to imprison or send those he considered dangerous out of the country. Alien
Jefferson purchased the Louisiana Territory from ___________________ for __________________ dollars. France/Napoleon for 15 million dollars
The ____________________________ was when the United States sent representatives to France to resolve the dispute with the country; the Americans meet with the French delegates who demanded a bribe and a loan from the United States. XYZ Affair
Jefferson felt the strength of the country was in the ________________________________. independent farmers/west
The _________________ Act made it a crime to speak, write or publish “false, scandalous, or malicious” criticisms against the government. Sedition
_____________________________________ tied with __________________________ in the Election of 1800. Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr
Created by: HHM Runners