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Chapter 11 Test

A person who rules a nation by force. Dictator
Attempting to gain control through dictatorial control. Totalitarian
Discrimination against Jews as a religious, ethnic, or racial group. Anti-Semitism
Giving in to the demands to others to keep peace. Appeasement
Fast, suddenl attack by massed forces. Blitzkrieg
Giving up military weapons. Disarmament
Making scarce items available to people for a limited time. Ration
Protective measures taken by civilians in case of attack. Civil defense
Camp where Japanese Americans were kept during WWII. Internment camp
Military blockade. Siege
Attempt to kill an entire population. Genocide
The name given to a mass slaughter of Jews by the Nazis during WWII. Holocaust
Large prison camp used to hold people for political reasons. Concentration camp
A strategy used during WWII where Hitler attacked and captured certain key islands and used them as bases from which to attack others. Island hopping
A Japanese suicide pilot whose mission was to crash into his target. Kamikaze
The first country Benito Mussolini invaded. Ethiopia
What did Germany become when Hitler established a single party that suppressed opposition? Totalitarian state
The county that invaded Manchuria in the 1930's. Japan
How was the Sudetenland turned over to Germany? Munich Confeence
Which agreement freed Hitler to use force against Poland without fear of Soviet intervention? Nonaggression Pact
Allied commander in the Philippines. Douglas MacArthur
The battle that destroyed four Japanese aircraft carriers. Battle of Midway
The battle where American ships destroyed most of the Japanese fleet. Battle of Leyte Gulf
The site where the US dropped the first atomic bomb. Hiroshima, Japan
The location that Nazi war criminals were tried. Nuremberg
The victory that prevented the Germans from capturing the Suez Canal. El Alamein
The city that the Germans sieges for 900 days. Leningrad
The German defeat that marked a major turning point in the war. Stalingrad
The day that Dwight D. Eisenhower landed his Allied troops on the Normandy coast on June 6, 1944. D-Day
Great Britain's prime minister Winston Churchill
America First Committee Isolationists
December 7, 1941 Attack on Pearl Harbor
After which invasion did France and Great Britain declare war on Germany? Invasion of Poland
After the collapse of which area did allied troops retreat to the port of Dunkirk? Belgium
After the fall of France, what stood in the way of Hitler's domination of Western Europe? Great Britain
Frustrated by his failure in Great Britain, where did Hitler launch an attack? Soviet Union
American neutrality ended how? After an attack on the US
Under which act did the US begin raising an army? Selective Service Act
The Revenue Act of 1942 required what from most Americans? Income tax
The first African American General in the US Air Force Benjamin Davis Jr.
The case that the Supreme Court upheld to provide relocation of Japanese Americans. Kofemitsu vs. US
Served in the WAC and in the WAVES. Women
Rationing caused people to do this. Plant victory gardens
The name of a unit of African American pilots. Tuskegee Airmen
How did a group of Navajo soldiers use a code based on their language? To send military messages about battle plans
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