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medieval Europe

Were were towns located in Europe? by water,waterways
what helped grow towns? improvements of agriculture and revival of trade
what are guilds? organizations of trade and production
how were Jews mistreated ? Lords took their property and belongings
why were the homes uncomfortable? several families lived in them, one room
what group of people were blamed for most diseases? The Jews
what were two methods for deciding the guilt or innocence of accused criminals? ordeal,combat
what was feudalism based on? land(ownership)
what are some new inventions for farming? horseshoe,steel plow,tandem harness
what did the increase of trade do? allowed merchants to gain power and wealth, a new middle class started to show up
Alfred the Great unites who? Angles and Saxons
when was the battle of Hastings? 1066
what is the Domes day book? census of animals and people
the Central Royal Court brought what system? common law
what did Edward create to increase authority of people? a parliament
What are some leading factors to the decline of feudalism? increase of trade connections for items from east,European monarchs grow more powerful,towns emerge with new middle class,ect
what are the two styles of architecture? Romanesque and gothic
who owned churches? Nuns
what did people speak in? their everyday vernacular language
what are the two religions in Japan? Shinto and Buddism
churches provided what? hospital,outlet for prayer,improvements of farming, construction, and weaving were taught,ect
what is plague? a deadly disease that spreed quickely
what are the types? pneumonic,septicemic,bubonic
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