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PE Soccer Review

Soccer is played with? Feet
Use of _____ is not allowed, except _____. hands and arms; goal keeper
Game is started at ____ inside ___ with a _____. center line; center circle; place kick
During a free kick, the _____ must ______ from the ball. defensive team; back up 10 yards
game is ____ with two ___ halves 90 minutes, 45 minute
play is _____; no _____ continuous; time-outs
dimensions: _______ long ______ wide 110- 120 yards; 65-75 yards
Ball out of bounds when____ completely crosses sideline
___ sport in history Oldest
Soccer is played ______ and is the __________. world-wide; world's most popular sport
First professional game in ____ London England
First US game in _____ ___ vs ___ 1869; Rutges vs Princeton college
World Cup is emblem of _______ in soccer world supremacy
World Cup tournament started in ____ and it happens ______ 1930; every 4 years
officiated by ____ 1 referee; 1 linesman on each sideline
__players: _ ____ and __ _____ 11; 1 goal keeper and 10 field players
a goal is _ ___ 1 point
dribbling is ____ ball with feet by _________ advancing; series of short taps
after goal, ball is kicked off at ______ by the team _____ center circle; scored upon
ball out of bounds back in play with ____ or ___ goal kick or corner kick
corner kick is the ___ team from ____ area; when ____ team touches ball last before going over endline attacking; corner; defensive
goal kick is ____ team from ____ area when ____ team touches ball last before going over endline defensive; goal; offensive
referee penilties to player are ____ card and __ card yellow; red
Yellow card is a ____ or ___ for ____ warning; caution; dangerous play
Red card mean _______ for ___ ejection from game; violent conduct
Forwards- mainly ____ and they ____ most ___; have to be ______ with a _______ offence; score most goals; fast/ quick; strong, accurate shot
Halfbacks/Midfielders- both ___________; have to be in _____; good at ___ the ball offence and defense; good physical condition; handeling
Fullbacks-mainly ___, prevent ___; must be __ and capable of ___ defence; goals; smart; stealing the ball from offence
goalie uses ___ inside of the ___ area and they _____; have to be able to _____ and ___ hands; penalty; prevent goals; react quickly; catch the ball
goal area is a _ yard box 6
penalty area is a __ yard box 18
center circle is __ yards 10
penalty spot is __ yards away from goal 12
Created by: Sara.M
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