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Chapter 5 lesson 2


What word means soil that can grow things? Fertile
What is irrigation? Ditches carrying water to the fields
Who is the first known user of irrigation in Idaho? Henry Spalding
Where was irrigation first used in Idaho, and what was it used to grow? In the Lapwai Valley to grow potatoes
Besides potatoes, what is one of Idaho's biggest crops? Wheat
Where is most of Idaho grown wheat processed? China
In what region of Idaho is most of our wheat grown? The northern region
In what region of Idaho are most of our potatoes grown? The south near Burley, Rupert and Blackfoot.
Name 6 common crops grown in Idaho besides potatoes. Sugar beets, wheat, mint, apples, cherries, and barley.
Who mixed different kinds of potato plants and developed the famous "Idaho Potato"? Luther Burbank developed the Russet Burbank--Idaho potato
Which states produce more potatoes than Idaho? None. Idaho produces the most potatoes.
How many potatoes a day would EVERY Idahoan have to eat to match the number of potatoes grown in one year in Idaho? 63 potatoes a day.
What is ranching? Raising cattle for meat, dairy cows for milk and cream, and sheep, pigs, chickens, and turkeys.
What is the business of ranching and farming called? Agriculture.
Where did the first herds of cattle in Idaho come from? One man brought 500 cattle from Washington Territory. Other herds came from as far away as Texas.
Why where the first cattle herds brought to Idaho? To feed hungry miners.
What is a cowboy? Men and boys who work on cattle ranches moving cattle from place to place and keeping them fed.
What do we call a Mexican cowboy? A vaquero.
What were vaqueros really skilled at? Handling horses and cattle.
Who was Kitty Wilkins? A well-known rancher in Bruneau.
What was Kitty Wilkins's nickname? The Horse Queen of Idaho.
who gave Kitty Wilkins her nickname? The San Fransisco Examiner, a newspaper.
What do we call moving a herd of cattle over long distances? A cattle drive
How did cowboys track their cattle on the open range? They used brands, marks burned into the hides of cattle.
What are Brand Inspectors? People who help ranchers and cowboys follow branding rules
What two methods are commonly used to brand cattle? Hot iron brands and freeze brands
How do you call, or read, a brand? From left to right, or top to bottom, or outside to inside.
Who brought the first large bands of sheep to Idaho? John Hailey.
Where did the first large bands of sheep in Idaho come from? Oregon
How many more sheep than people were there in Idaho in 1918? Six times as many sheep as there were people.
What is sheep meat called? Mutton
Who cared for the large flocks of sheep on the sheep ranches? Sheepherders
What nationality were many of the first Idaho sheepherders? Basque
Where is Basque Country? It is located between France and Spain.
How many sheep could a sheepherder tend to at one time? 2,000-3,000 sheep
Who was known as "The Sheep Queen of Idaho"? Emma Yearian
Where did "The Sheep Queen of Idaho" live? In the Lemhi Valley
Who was known as "The Sheep King of Idaho"? Juan Achabal
Name the man who ran a huge sheep ranch in Emmett and gave jobs to many out-of-work men. Andy Little
From what country did Andy Little come? Scotland
What was the cause of the Idaho sheep and cattle grazing wars? Cattle left enough grass when they grazed that it would grow back again. Sheep grazed grass clear down to the ground and caused it not to grow again.
What was Jack Davis, nicknamed "Diamond Field Jack" ,accused of doing in 1896 near Twin Falls? Killing two sheepherders.
What was Jack Davis's job? To patrol grazing lands for cattle ranchers.
Where are many of Idaho's sheepherders from today? Mexico and Peru
What is the business of farming and ranching called? Agriculture
Created by: historyB
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