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Chapter 5 lesson 1

Homesteading In Idaho

How did the United States want to make the country grow in the 1860s? By claiming land farther west
What is the Homestead Act? An agreement passed by Congress that gave 160 acres of land, for a small fee, to people who agreed to improve it within 5 years.
What is "proving up"? Building a home and planting crops on land obtained through the Homestead Act
What major national event caused many homesteaders to come west in the 1860s? The US Civil War.
Which two Idaho towns were named for generals in the civil War? Leesburg and Grantsville
For what was the town of Pittsburg Landing named? A Civil War battle.
Name two military forts in Idaho. Fort Boise and Fort Sherman
Which homesteader founded the town of Samaria? John Evan Price
From what country did many of the Samaria homesteaders come? Wales
From which country did many early settlers of Donnelly and Cascade come? Finland
How did the Donnelly and Cascade settlers build their log cabins without nails? They notched their logs
Why were barns important to a homestead? Barns provide shelter for animals, food storage area, and could be used as a gathering place for friends and neighbors.
What were some common foods eaten by homesteaders? homegrown vegetables, dairy milk and cream made into butter, meat and eggs from livestock, and wild game hunted like deer, elk, and rabbits.
What is the difference between a good and a service? A good is something that is made, bought, and sold, like canned fruit, candy, fabric for making clothes, A service is work done for people for money, like doctors helping sick people, or a seamstress sewing a shirt.
What chores were commonly performed by children on homesteads? Milking cows, caring for youngers children, cooking meals, washing clothes, cleaning house, working in the garden, plowing, hunting, fishing and caring for livestock.
What was the original name of the city Idaho Falls? Eagle Rock
Who founded the city of Idaho Falls? Harry Rickets who began a ferry service there for people crossing the Snake River.
What were some activities homesteaders did for fun? Picnics, foot races, baseball, parties, and dances.
What games were played by homesteading children after chores were done? Hide-and-seek, leapfrog, hopscotch, jacks, checkers, and dolls made out of rags or cornhusks, dominoes, marbles, and group games like "Button, Button"
Describe the first homesteading schools. One room, dirt floor, one teacher for all grades.
How were teachers trained? They attended a "normal" school for a few weeks.
Name two Idaho teachers schools in the 1860s. Albion Normal School, and Lewiston Normal School.
Who was the first Idaho public school teacher, in what town did she teach, and for how long did she teach in Idaho? Statira E. Gibbons Robinson. Florence, 2 years
Created by: historyB
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