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Westward Expansion!

Go West! War of 1812 and the Movement West...

What land purchase made in 1803, cost the U.S. $15 million dollars, and covered the territory from the Mississippi River (eastern boundary) to the Rocky Mountains (western boundary)? The Louisiana Purchase
Who led the famous group of men, called the Corps of Discovery, to explore the land bought in the Louisiana Purchase and find a route to the Pacific Ocean? Meriwether Lewis
In 1804, the Lewis and Clark expedition began near what major city? St. Louis, Missouri
What is the name of the Native American that helped Lewis and Clark by interpreting language between them and other Native Americans, on their travels. Sacajawea
What was the relationship between Native Americans and European settlers when the settlers first arrived in America? For the most part, everyone was friendly and they traded goods with one another.
What was the name of the route (trail) that took people from the Midwest to the Pacific Northwest? the Oregon Trail
What was the western boundary of the Louisiana Purchase? the Rocky Mountains
When people took the Oregon Trail west, they ended up in what Valley? the Willamette Valley
Why would people take the long, often dangerous and very difficult journey west on the Oregon Trail? They believed they would have a better life in Oregon.
What type of transportation would have been used by people traveling on the Oregon Trail? Covered Wagons, in trains of made up of several families with their wagons
People who went to California looking for gold and ended up settling there to live were known as this. the "forty-niners"
The Alamo, a famous building that played an important role in the Texas revolution, was used as this before that time. a Mission
What was the term used by American expansionists to justify the westward growth into new territory? Manifest Destiny
What was the final battle in the War of 1812? Battle of New Orleans
Andrew Jackson was given credit for what main things while he was President? Helping the common man to have more power, limiting bank power, and the Indian Removal Act
What was the government plan of action to stop other countries from settling land in the U.S.? the Monroe Doctrine
What important American landmark was not destroyed during the battles of 1812? the Statue of Liberty
What was one of the many achievements Lewis and Clark made for the thousands of settlers who later moved west? They opened up routes for trade.
Who wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"? Francis Scott Key
What were some reasons that led the U.S. into the War of 1812? The British gave Native Americans weapons and encouraged them to fight the Americans, British Navy blocked US ships from trade and took their sailors captive, the War hawks wanted war in efforts to secure Canada and Florida as new land
Created by: cseckinger