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3rd Nine Weeks Test

Popular Sovereignty the people give gov't the power, by the consent of governed. "We the people of the United States..."
Checks and Balances each of the branches of gov't. has control over the other Examples: veto, over ride veto, unconstitutional
Republicanism form of gov't. where people rule through elected representatives Example: Citizens elect senators to serve in governmnent
Federalism power of the gov't is shared between federal gov't. and states Example: The national gov't conducts foreign policy
Separation of Powers Gov't. power is divided among three branches; L, E, J Example: Congress may impeach judges and president
Individual Rights rights the people are guaranteed in 1st 10 Amendments (Bill of Rights) Example: freedom of religion, speech, trial by jury
Limited Government powers of gov't are spelled out in the constitution Example: only congress has the power to declare war.
Impressment Great Britain took American sailors and forced them to work on British ships
Era of Good Feelings After war of 1812 all American belonged to one political party- Democratic Republicans
Revolution of 1800 When Thomas Jefferson was elected it was the first time a Democratic Republican was president...power shifted from the Federalists
Erie Canal Waterway that stretched from the Great Lakes to Hudson River in New York and made shipping goods cheaper, 1/4 workers Irish left Ireland because of potato famine. Allowed new form transportation: opened new markets and brought nation together.
Washington's Farewell Address warned that political parties will split the nation apart and that U.S should mind our own business...don't get entangled in problem of other permanent alliances
Industrial Revolution shift from farm to factory, rural to urban, women worked in factories, north had industry, south had cotton (raw materials), cities more populated, new machines increased production and increased efficiency
Northwest Ordinance A system of orderly expansion, stated how new states would be admitted to the union as we expanded westward
Nullify to cancel something
Judicial Review gives supreme court the right to declare laws unconstitutional....established in Marbury v Madison
Louisiana Territory Massive area of land west of Mississippi River that United States purchased when Jefferson was president
Causes of War of 1812 impressment of American soldiers - blocking ships persuading Native Americans to attack settlements wanted Canada
Marbury v. Madison presided over by John Marshall - established judicial review - supreme court can declare laws unconstitutional
necessary and proper (elastic clause) gives congress the power needed to carry out its powers listed in constitution; stretches it.
Embargo Acts to avoid war Jefferson passed act that stated American ships were prohibited from trading with European nations.
Eli Whitney inventor of cotton gin and interchangeable parts
Thomas Jefferson 1st Democratic Republican president, passed Embargo Acts and acquired Louisiana Territory but unsure if it was constitutional, shift from wealthy to common man
Interchangeable parts parts that would fit more that one specific item - especially useful with muskets - increased productivity
John Marshall Chief Justice of Supreme Court, usually ruled to give federal gov't. more power, established judicial review, presided over Marbuy v. Madison, McCulloch v. Maryland and Gibbons v. Ogden
Effects of War of 1812 U.S. Respected, Increased morale, increased manufacturing, higher tariffs, nationalism, and "Era of Good Feelings"
Missouri Compromise negotiated by Clay-compromise regarding slavery that was issue between north and south. Slavery was forbidden in the LATerritory..1 free state, Maine, and one slave state, Missouri, admitted to the union at the same time to keep balance of free/slave stat
Benjamin Franklin authored Declaration of Independence, included unalienable rights, believed union should unite vs. Great Britain, Unite or Die political cartoon of Snake - Albany Plan of Union
Democratic Republican Party Led by Jefferson and Madison, favored states rights, common people, opposed national bank, strongest in south, strict interpretation of constitution
Northwest Territory Area by the Great Lakes that included Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. States created by new Northwest Ordinance (system of orderly expansion) one good thing that came out of Articles of Confederation
Nullification Crisis Arising from tariff issue (Tariff of 1828/Abomination), the ideas that states could nullify or cancel federal laws they believed unconstitutional - South Carolina threatened to secede by passing Ordinance of Nullification
Monroe Doctrine James Monroe issued a bold statement of neutrality...Europe should keeps its hands off of the western hemisphere.
Indian Removal Act Andrew Jackson moved Native Americans west of Mississippi, traded them for their land, gave food, cash and provisions for a year
secede break away from
Federalist Party Led by Hamilton and Adams, favored strong central gov't., rich well educated, favored nation and national bank, strongest in New England and Atlantic coast and loose interpretation of constitution
George Washington 1st president - set two precedents- term limits - appointing a cabinet
James Madison Democratic Republican, favored states rights and president in war of 1812
Two effects of advancements in transportation/communication opened new markets to sell goods brought nation together
Two effects of advancements in industry/machines increased productivity - make more faster increased effeciency
precendent something created or done for the first time that others continue after you
tariff tax on imported goods
duty tax on goods
preside to be the person of authority over something like a judge
cathedral, mosque, synagogue, Protestant, Islam having to do with religion
constituents the voters that will elect someone
Legislative Branch makes the law - Congress (House of Representatives and Senate)
Judicial Branch Judges and Supreme Court
Executive Branch President
Bill of Rights 1st ten amendments that protect our individual freedoms such as religion, own gun, due process of law
Nationalism sense of pride in ones country
Created by: Coachcarr
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