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3rd 9 week Bnch guid

3rd 9 week Benchmark Study Guide for US History

Who was Frances Perkins and what New Deal legislation was she instrumental in creating? 1st Female Cabinet member. Social Security Act.
List 3 main goals of the New Deal Legislation. Relief for needy, economic recovery, financial reform.
Describe the Agricultural Administration Act (AAA) and its purpose. Raise prices of farm products.
What was the result of the National Industrial Recovery Act? Thrown out by Supreme Court.
What was the “Court Packing Plan” and what was the result of this plan? Reorganize the Supreme Court by adding Justices he wanted. Failed to pass.
What did FDR believe was the first step to recovery? Re establishing trust in the banks.
What was the 100 days? First of his 1st term & 15 laws.
Who wrote the novel Native Son? Richard Wright.
What was the purpose of the Social Securities Exchange Commission? Regulate stock market.
What did the Home Owners Loan Corporation do? Federal government bought loans to lower payments and prevent foreclosure.
What were FDR’s 3 goals after taking office? Relief for the needy, economic recovery, and financial reform.
What does the FDIC do & what law established it? Insures bank deposits & created by glass stegal act.
What were the Fireside Chats? FDR's radio broadcast to people.
Explain how the 1932 election showed the American people’s frustration with the Republican Party. Hoover was defeated badly by FDR democrats gain 3/4 & senate 2/3.
Explain why liberals were critical of FDR and the New Deal. Believed he didn't do enough in relief & reform.
Why were conservatives critical of FDR and the New Deal? Believed he did to much in relief & reform.
What election was the 1st in which most African Americans supported Democrats? 1936
What were the regulations of the Fair Labor Standards Act? 40 hour work week, minimum wage, child labor.
What did the Social Security Act establish? Old age insurance, unemployment insurance, benefits for the disabled.
Describe the film Gone With the Wind. Shows triumph over suffering & most popular.
How did FDR select his advisers? Shows people who disagreed with him & each other.
What New Deal legislation is the most significant today? Social Security Act
Explain how FDR's policies helped increase union membership in the U.S.? Wagner act legally recognized unions.
Why were movies important for people living through the Depression? Provided a cheap escape from their troubles.
What form of entertainment did most Americans have in their home? Radio
Describe the Hindenburg. First world wide radio broadcast & German blimp that blew up.
Who was Huey Long? Former governor of Louisiana and ran against FDR.
Why did FDR refuse to address anti lynching laws and poll tax laws? Knew expanding civil rights would lost support of southern white democrats.
What did the Espionage and Sedition Acts do? Imposed harsh penalties on anyone interfering with or speaking against US participation in World War I.
What is the significance of Nov 11, 1918? The new German Representative signed an armistice.
What was the Supreme Court's decision in Plessy v. Ferguson? Providing for separate railway carriages for the white and colored races.
What was the purpose for Jim Crow Laws? Mandated separate but equal.
Where did the 1st successful airplane flight take place and when? Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.
What is the Tuskegee Institute? Was a school established for black teachers.
Explain Booker T. Washington's views on racism. Believed that African Americans had to achieve economic independence before civil rights.
List causes of WWI. Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, nationalism, militarism, imperialism, and Alliances.
What event sparked WWI? When Archduke Ferdinand was Assassinated.
What was required for Germany in the Treaty of Versailles? Hard hand down punishment.
List nations of the Triple Entente. Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy, U.S, and Australia.
Who was George Custer? Cavalry commander in the American Civil War and the American Indian Wars.
What was the Supreme Court's ruling in Schenck vs. U.S.? The freedom of speech.
Explain the effects of barbed wire on the open range. Unfenced, public land; usually for grazing cattle.
What is the purpose of the Selective Service Act? Authorized the federal government to raise a national army for the American entry into World War I through the compulsory enlistment of people.
What caused the populist movement? Farmers
What factors led to the industrial boom of the late 1800's and early 1900's? Wealth of natural resources, government support for business and a growing urban population.
Describe the regulations of the Pendleton Civil Service Act. The act gave the commission jurisdiction over only 10 percent of federal jobs, though the president could expand the list.
What time period is described as the Gilded Age? 1865-1896
Explain vertical integration. In order to increase efficiency and limit competition.
What was the purpose of the Homestead Act? Helped make land accessible to hundreds of thousands of westward-moving settlers.
Describe the Sherman Antitrust Act. A law that forbade trusts of combinations in business.
Where was Franz Ferdinand assassinated and who assassinated him? Gavrilo Princip, Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary
List new technologies of WWI. Poison gas, trench warfare, machine guns, airplanes, submarines, and tanks.
What was the purpose of the Chinese Exclusion Act? Restricted immigration.
What incident marked the end of conflict between settlers and Natives? Wounded Knee.
Describe the Harlem Renaissance. Was an African American cultural movement.
Who was John T. Scopes? Violated a Tennessee state law by teaching evolution in high school.
What was the Ohio Gang? A group of poker-playing, men that were friends of President Warren Harding.
What did the 18th Amendment do? Ban alcohol.
List all effects of the Great Depression. Unemployment, Factories cut back on production, bank failures.
What is Direct Relief. Money or food given directly from the gov. to the needy
What happened on Oct. 29, 1929 and what is it known as? The stock market boom had fell out.
List states affected by the drought of the 1930's? Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado.
List the 4 Primary causes of the Depression? Banks, federal reserve raising interest rates, debt, and overproduction.
What did Huey Long want the Federal Government to do? He wanted to Share the wealth.
Who wrote the Grapes of Wrath and what was it about? John Steinbeck. Okies fleeing the dust bowl in OK for California.
Created by: Katwill678
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