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The Roaring 20s

Recession Economic slump
Teapot dome scandal 2 oil company bribed Albert fall and in return he secretly leased them government land (teapot dome - Wyoming)
Installment buying Buying on credit "buy now, pay later"
Stock(s) Shares of ownership to investors
Bull Market Increased stock trading and stock prices
On margin The investor bought a stock for 10% down payment; the buyer held the stock until the price rose and then sold a profit (buying stocks on profit)
Communism Is an economic system in which all wealth and property by the community/government
Disarmament Reducing of armed forces and weapons of war
What was the Kellogg-Brian's pact? the treaty out-lawed the war
What was the prohibition A ban on the manufacture, sale, and transportation of alcohol
Bootleggers Alcohol were hidden inside of boots and sell alcohol illegally
Speakeasies Illegal bars
Fads An activity or a fashion that is taken up with great passion for a short time
What are flappers and what do they do? Young women who repeal against thinking and acting; they smoked cigs in public, drank alcohol in speakeasies and drove fast cars
Jazz Combined west African rhymes and African and American
Who was Lious Armstring He sleeps created jazz
Expatriates People who leave their own country to live in foreign land
Who were the Ernest Hemingway and Scott Fitzgerald? They both wrote novels; Hemingway wrote about a man who is disgusted with the war and Fitzgerald wrote about the roaring 20s
What was the Harlem Renaissance?
Who was the Langston Hughes He was a famous poet and he encouraged many African Americans to be proud of their heritage
Who was Zora Neale Hurston? She wrote a book called, Mules and Men; in her book, she included folk tales, songs, and prayers of black southerners
Who was Babe Ruth? He hitted 60 home runs in one season that set a record that lasted more than 39 years.
Who was Charles A. Lindbergh? He was the first men to ever cross the Atlantic Ocean alone, and without stopping.
Company unions
Sabotage Secret destruction of property or interference
Anarchists People who oppose organized government
Red scare
Sacco and Vanzetti trial Sacco and Vanzetti were arrested for robbing and murder; they were soon sentenced to death.
Nativism Anti foreign feeling
Quota system Allowed only certain amount of people to enter US
What was the scopes trial and why did this event occurred? John scopes, a biology teacher in Dayton, taught evolution to his class; scopes was arrested and trailed for teaching evolution. In rural areas often feared that new ways of life in the its were a great to tradition values
Who was Marcus Garvey
Why did Hebert Hoover won the election in 1928 over Albert Fall?
Created by: Hansophia