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7th SocSoc

chapter 9 western expansion

Native Americans were their allies during War of 1812 British
revolution that led to Napoleon selling the Louisiana Territory Santo Domingo
President that purchased the Louisiana Territory Thomas Jefferson
protection money tribute
Tecumseh's brother and ally The Prophet
powerful Shawnee Leader Tecumseh
United States Navy captain Stephen Decatur
General who attacked Prophetstown William Henry Harrison
Leaders of the War Hawks in Congress Clay and Calhoun
British practice of violation of neutral rights impressment
Tecumseh joined forces with Great Britain after this Battle of tippecanoe
The Supreme Court reviewing and ruling on acts of other branches of the government judicial review
Commander that destroyed the British naval forces on Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry
Area explored by Meriwether Lewis the Louisiana Territory
place where Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner" Baltimore, Maryland
What decided the presidential election of 1800 The House of Representatives
What was one of the goals of Lewis and Clark's expedition? to find and map the Northwest Passage
What was the outcome of the Burr - Hamilton duel? Burr killed Hamilton.
What is one reason the Embargo Act of 1807 divided the American people? Americans thought that it would hurt the economy
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