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Spanish American War

Vocabulary 1

William McKinley President of the U.S. (1897-1901); a reluctant expansionist, he led America during the Spanish American War. His assassination in 1901 brought "that damn cowboy" Theodore Roosevelt to the presidency.
Imperialism the policy of extending a nation's authority over other countries by economic, political, or military domination.
Grover Cleveland only Democrat elected to the Presidency from 1856 to 1912; he served two nonconsecutive terms; elected in 1884, losing in 1888, and winning again in 1892. His second term was marred by the Depression of 1893. Cleveland restored the Hawaii Queen to her thr
McKinley Tariff this legislation eliminated the duty free status of Hawaiian sugar resulting in increased competition with American sugar manufacturers.
Sanford Dole he was instrumental in overthrowing the Queen of Hawaii with the help of the marines. Cleveland restored the throne to the Queen and would only consider annexation of Hawaii if a majority of Hawaiians favored it which they did not.
William Seward secretary of state, 1861-1869; a dedicated expansionist, he purchased Alaska from Russia, acquired Midway Islands, and tried to buy the Virgin Islands in 1867.
Alfred T Mahan naval officer, writer, teacher, and philosopher of the new imperialism of the 1890's; he stressed the need for naval power to drive expansion & establish America's place in the world as a great power.
Liliuokalani Queen of Hawaii when the marines overthrew her & Sanford Dole headed the government. Cleveland restored her throne and refused to annex Hawaii unless there were a majority of Hawaiians that wanted that.
Kalakaua King of Hawaii in 1887 who was "strong-armed" by American business leaders. They forced him to amend the constitution, effectively limiting voting rights to only the wealthy landowners.
Pearl Harbor 1887 U.S military & economic leaders pressured Hawaii to allow the U.S. to build a naval base in the kingdom's best port.
Social Darwinism an economic & social philosophy-holding that a system of unrestrained competition will ensure the survival of the fittest.
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