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Chapter 6

From Sea to Shining Sea

Which Spanish King sent missionaries and settlers to found a Spanish colony in what is now Florida? King Philip II
What was the name of the colony established in Florida in 1560? St. Augustine
Why did King Philip II send missionaries to Florida? He wanted to get rid of the French Huguenots
After settling St. Augustines, how far up the coast did missionaries establish settlements? As far as Georgia
What tribes of Indians lived in the interior of Florida where missions were established? Timucuan and Apalachee
How many baptized Indians were there by 1655? 26,000
Which king allowed English, Scots and Huguenots to settle in what is now Charleston, South Carolina? King Charles
Why did the Charlestonians attack the settlers in the interior of Florida? They wanted to trap in their lands and they wanted Indian slaves.
Which pagan Indian participated in attacks of the Georgia missions? Yamasee Indians
What year did the Queen Anne's War start? When did it end? Started 1702 and ended in 1713
Which countries fought against each other in the Queen Anne's war? France and Spain fought against England, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria and Portugal.
What was the name of the Governor of South Carolina who sailed down the coast destroying the missions as he went? Governor James Moore
What was the name of the Spanish governor who could not resist Moore's army? Jose de Zuniga y Cerda
Where did Governor Cerda gather Spanish and Catholic Indians for protection? St. Mark's castle in St. Augustine
When Governor Moore could not kill the inhabitants of St. Augustine what did he do? He destroyed the entire city town and captured 500 Catholic Indians and sold them as slaves.
What name did the British give Fort Duqusne? What is it's modern day name? Fort Pitt which became Pittsburg
What idea did Prime Minister Pitt have that brought advantage to the British? To keep the French from coming to North America
Who figured out how to conquer Quebec? General Wolfe
What was the one place that French commander Montcalm had left unguarded? Plains of Abraham
When the British captured Fort Niagra which waterways did they control? The Great Lakes
What Indian Chief from the Ottawa indians led attacks against the British? Chief Pontiac
In 1763 the British and French ended the war with what treaty? The Treaty of Paris
The treaty gave all of Canada to whom? The British
What was the name of the British General who occupied Georgia and Florida and ended Spain's hope for Catholic colonies? Oglethorpe
Which Governor sent Washington to the Ohio valley to defeat the French? Dinwiddie
What was the name of Washington's estate on the Potomac river? Mount Vernon
In the French and Indian War, the French lost Canada to whom and Lousiana to whom? Canada to the British and Louisiana to the Spanish