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U.S. History

Topic 10 lesson 4-6

What was the purpose of the Environmental Protection Agency? To regulate pollutants that threatened humans and wildlife
Why have environmental regulations become controversial since 1970s? Many worry that regulations will hurt business and reduce jobs
How did "Silent Spring" shape the environmental movement? it empowered environmental activists to launch grass root initiatives
How was Rachel Carson's book crucial to the early environmental movement? it took info previously understood by specialist and made it accessible to average citizens
What argument can be raised against invoking the 5th Amendment to restrict environmental regulations? air and water pollution have negative effects that spread beyond boundaries of "personal property"
What did Nixon hope to achieve by reaching out to the "silent majority" in the 1968 election? he hoped to attract moderate Democratic voters, particularly in the South
How did Nixon combine conservative and liberal goals? he redirected money to the states but increased spending on Medicare
What cause was at the root of the rising inflation the country experienced in the 1970s? federal budget deficits from increase defense spending
How did the Philadelphia Plan affect minorities? it embraced affirmative action policies that encouraged businesses to hire minorities without discrimination
Which president was the first to recognize the importance of the Latino vote? Richard Nixon
What was the most significant result of the 1972 presidential election? Nixon was the 1st Republican to sweep Southern states
Why did Nixon publicly criticize the practice of court-ordered busing of children to schools outside their neighborhoods? to reach out to Southern whites and blue collar workers
How did the idea of realpolitik shape the U.S.'s handling of the Cold War? political goals should be defined by concrete national interest instead of abstract ideologies
What did the oil embargo of 1973 reveal about the U.S. economy? that it was dependent on the stability of foreign oil supply
How did the Watergate scandal eventually play out amongst the three branches of government? Supreme Court ruled that Nixon turn over his tapes while Congress voted to impeach him
Why did Iranian students take Americans hostage? Carter allowed the Shah to enter the U.S. to seek medical treatment and they wanted the Shah back to Iran
What was an outcome that Israel agreed to at the Camp David Accords? to help realize a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel; Israel agreed to restore borders to pre-1967
How might Pres. Ford's WIN plan best be described? it was a clear failure, instead of improving inflation
What explains the American public's reaction to Pres. Ford's pardon of Richard Nixon? they were angry, thinking Ford made a secret deal to gain vice pres.
Why did radical Iranian students storm the U.S. embassy in Tehran and take 66 Americans as hostages? to defy the U.S.'s support of former dictator
What was Pres. Carter's most controversial foreign policy act? the decision to return the Panama Canal Zone to Panama
Why did many people criticize Pres. Carter's foreign policy? for failing to protect American strength abroad
How did the Community Reinvestment Act affect the U.S. economy? it required banks to make loans in low income neighborhoods so they can become homeowners.
Carter's view of developing nations led to what significant development during his time in office? the U.S. withdrew its support from many oppressive dictatorship it had once supported
What major impact did the growing popularity of evangelical Christianity have on American politics? it led to a conservative coalition with Republicans that would dominate American politics
Created by: maryscamardo