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Chapter 4 lesson 4

boomtowns and ghost towns

What is a boomtown? A mining town that started and grew quickly
What mining town was started with a legend? Silver City
Who led miners into the Owyhee Mountains looking for the Blue Bucket Mine? Michael Jordan
What did pioneers use their gold in the blue bucket for? Sinkers on their fishing lines
Where did Michael Jordan's men find a small amount of gold? Sinker Creek
What precious mineral was mined in the Owyhee Mountains by Michael Jordan and his men besides gold? Silver
About how many mines were dug into the Owyhee Mountains from 1863 to 1883? Over 250 mines
What was the value of the gold and silver mined in the Owyhee Mountains from 1883-1883 at the time? Over $30 million dollars
Name 5 nationalities of miners and their families that came to Silver City. Chinese, Germans, Basques, Irish, and African Americans
For what was the grand Idaho Hotel used in Silver City? A gathering place for meetings and holiday parties
What did the people of Silver city do to help create a nice community? They formed a marching band and a town baseball team. they built a 2-story school and built a church
Why did most of the population leave Silver City? The mines went out of business
What do we call former boomtowns that have empty buildings and quiet streets with few people? Ghost towns
What are some differences between a ghost town and a historic mining town? Ghost towns have empty buildings that need repairs. Historic mining towns have tourists, the buildings are repaired and preserved so people can stay in them.
Name 3 immigrant groups that came to Clearwater Valley to mine. Mexico, Canada, China
How many years was the Idaho Hotel in Silver City closed down? 30 years, from 1942-1972.
What do we call a person who moves to a new country? An immigrant
Why did the Chinese come to Idaho? To earn money they could send home to their hungry families
Name one of the largest immigrant groups to come to Idaho. the Chinese
Name 5 Idaho cities in which numbers of Chinese immigrants lived. In the southern part of Idaho--Boise, Idaho City, and Silver City. In the northern part there were large numbers of Chinese immigrants in Warren and Lewiston
At one time in Idaho, during the gold rush, about what fraction of the population was Chinese? Almost one third.
Besides mining, how did the Chinese make money in Idaho? They ran laundries, grew vegetables to sell and worked as house servants.
Why were Chinese immigrants treated poorly in Idaho? They looked different , spoke a different language, and had different customs than the other miners.
How did Idaho discriminate (treat them differently) against the Chinese? Chinese miners had to pay $6 a month to work a claim when it was free for everyone else, they could not own a claim, and soon they were not even allowed to enter Idaho.
Name the Chinese immigrant who came to Idaho as a slave, earned freedom, and married the boss, and ran a boarding house. Polly Bemis
Created by: historyB
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