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for test

which group of people's early history and laws are found in the religion of Judaism? Hebrews
which leader led the Hebrews from Mesopotamia to Canaan as ordered by God? Abraham
Why did the Hebrews follow him to Canaan? to make his descendants into a mighty nation
After the Hebrews left Canaan because of famine, where did they go? What happened to them there? >they moved to Egypt >became slaves
which leader led the Hebrews from Egypt back to Canaan? What was this journey know as? Moses Exodus
What set of moral laws were given to Moses? Where did this take place? 10 commandments on top of Sinai mountain
After the Hebrews defeated the people of Canaan, what did they become know as? Israelite
who was a threat to the Hebrews? Philistines
Who was well loved by the Hebrews and helped them defeat many of their enemies? David
what city became the capital of Israel? Jerusalem
Who became king after David, helped the Hebrews gain allies, and strengthened trade? Solomon
Who defeated Israel? Who defeated Judah? Assyrians Chaldeans
What is the scattering of the Jews outside of Canaan known as? What caused this? Diaspora Babolonian capticaptivity
Who finally defeated the Jews in 63 B.C.? Romans
What is the Hebrew name for god? yhh
Many believe that Judaism was the first religion to worship one God. What id this known as? monotheism
Besides the moral laws of the ten commandments, what other system of laws guides the Jews? Mosaic law
What are the 3 largest groups of Judaism? Briefly explain each orthodox(most strict) reform(least strict) conservative(middle)
what are the 3 main text of Judaism? Torah, the Hebrew bible , commentaries
what is a Jewish house of worship known as? synagogue/temple
which other religions did Judaism influence? Christianity and Islam
which group of jews refused to obey the roman laws? zealots
what are religious teachers of Judaism known as? rabbi
list any 3 jewish ceremonies/traditions and briefly describe each. Passover-for jews to remember exodus Hanukkah-rededication of the 2nd temple rosh hashana- new year
how many jews are there in the world today? 14million
where do many jews live today? united states or israel
who do jews trace the beginnings of their history? abraham
what was the jewish "promise land" known as? Canaan
who received the laws of god? moses
what was the scattering of the jews after the destruction of their temple known as? diaspora
what did the persecution of jews during the middle ages mark the beginning of? anti-semitism
what is the most sacred book of jews? torah
what is the place of worship that houses the torah called? synagogue
who teaches the lessons of the Torah? rabbi
how many commandments are in the Torah? *613*
what is head coverings worn by jews during prayer and worship called? kippa
what are the three main branches of Judaism? orthodox reform conservative
what are the dietary laws jews follow when preparing food called? kosher
what is celebrated when a young by comes of age(a young adult)? bar mitsvah
what is the jewish new year known as? Rosh Hashana
what jewish holiday celebrates when the jews were freed from slavery? passover
where did Christianity firsts appear? judea
in 63 B.C. whose arrival did many jews anxiously await? Messiah
who did Christians belief was the Messiah? Jesus of Nazareth
what is the holy/sacred book of Christianity called? the Bible
what are 3 things found in the New Testament? early teachings of Christianity early history of Christianity letters from followers or apostles of Jesus
where was Jesus born? Bethelehem
Who was the mother of Jesus? The father? Mary and Joseph
After arresting Jesus for challenging their authority, how did officials punish him? they executed him(crucifixion)
how many days passed before the resurrection of Jesus? 3 days
What is the greek word for the "Messiah"? chrisos
What were two important lessons that Jesus taught? love god love other people *taught a lot about salvation
what is salvation? the rescue of people from sins.
what is a denomination? a group of people who hold the same religious beliefs
what are the 12 disciples who were chosen by Jesus to tell about his life known as? Apostles
what are the accounts of Jesus's life and teachings called? The Gospels
who was the 1st roman emperor to become a Christian and allow people to practice Christianity freely? Costine
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