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Presidencies 1960


New medium used to communicate Kennedy's campaign to Americans T.V.
Name of President Kennedy's domestic policy initiative New Frontier
The U.S. invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs was an attempt to overthrow Fidel Castro
This case banned prayer in public schools, brought about change in federal and state reapportionment and the criminal justice system. Gideon v. Wainwright
Soviet leader who challenged Kennedy's international power Khruschev
The Great Society raised expectations rather than silencing dissent. True
Assassin who is believed to have murdered President Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald
The program started by JFK/Kennedy Administration that sends American volunteers to foreign nations to assist in improvements Peace Corps
President Kennedy's strategy during the Cuban Missile Crisis was to quarantine Cuba using the U.S. Navy
This replaced the national origins system with a new quota system that allowed more people from outside of Europe to settle in the United States. Immigration Act of 1965
JFK's Vice President and successor Lyndon B. Johnson
Fidel Castro and President Kennedy met at a Summit Meeting and were able to agree on steps that led to better relations between the U.S. and Cuba. False
Situation that JFK promoted, claiming America would walk on the moon by 1970 Space Race
In this case, the Supreme Court required criminal courts to provide free legal counsel to those who could not afford it. Baker v. Carr
In this case, the Supreme Court ruled that all suspects must be "read their rights" before being questioned by police. Miranda v. Arizona
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