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The Constitution

What is the Preamble? The opening statement for the Constitution
What are the six goals of the Constitution? - Form a more perfect Union - Establish Justice - Ensure domestic tranquility - Provide for the common defense - Promote the general welfare - Secure the Blessings of liberty
What is federal? national
What is justice? fairness
What is domestic tranquility? peace at home
What is general welfare? well-being of all the people
What is liberty? The freedom to live as you please as long as you obey the laws and respect the rights of others
What is the Bill of Rights and what do they guarantee? That the government may not take away the individual freedoms of the press and freedom of religion
How does the national system of courts help to ensure justice for all Americans? It ensures a uniform system of laws for the entire nation
Why did the framers of the Constitution want to "form a more perfect union"? They wanted the states to work together and get along
What are three areas in which the government works to promote the general welfare? - Factory workers are required to meet safety requirements - Supporting education - Supports scientific research
Identify the five basic principles of the Constitution? - Popular sovereignty - Federalism - Checks and balances - Limited government - Separation of powers
What is popular sovereignty? The people hold the final authority in government
What is the representative and how does it work? Electing public officials to make laws and other decisions for them
What is a bill? Proposed law (-s)
What is unconstitutional? Not permitted by the Constitution
What is tyranny? limited government
Why did the framers of the Constitution set up three branches of government? To prevent abuse of power
How are the principles of popular sovereignty and limited government related? Both have citizens take part
What is an amendment? Formal written changes
What is the Elastic Clause? power to make all laws that shall be "necessary and proper" to carry out the powers of the national government
What is judicial review? The Supreme Court can decide whether acts of a Presidents or laws passed by Congress are unconstitutional
What is the Commerce Clause? Congress has the power to regulate trade between nations and states
What is the Cabinet? Group of close advisers to help advise the President for various areas of importance
What is precedent? an act or decision that sets an example for others to follow
What is the House of Representative? the larger house 435 members population determines how many people
What is the Senate? the smaller house 100 members 2 representatives per state
What is appropriate? Sets it aside for a special purpose
What is a standing committee? Permanent committees assigned to study specific issues such as agriculture, labor, and energy; permanent
What is a joint committee? committees that include both House and Senate memebers
What are the two most important powers of the Congress? making laws and appropriate
What is a constituent? People who elect representatives and senates
What is an executive agreement? Informal agreements with other heads of state, usually dealing with trade
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