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Q3 MWH Exam Review

Q3 MHW Exam Review

How did the Agricultural Revolution lead to the Industrial Revolution? Farms maximized production forcing farmers to seek jobs in the city.
Industrial Revolution increased output of machine-made goods that began in England during the late 1700s
Factors of Production land, labor, and capital
The first major industry to industrialize textiles
Entrepreneur business person
Impact of technological advances on industry production of goods increased
Industrial Revolution's affect on cities population grew faster than the housing supply
Moving from the country to the city for jobs... urbanization
What political ideology wanted to limit voting rights to educated property owners but change the government? liberals
Promoted Laissez-faire government and capitalism Adam Smith
Government system which redistributes wealth in an equal way. Socialism
Powerful trading force in India; controlled tea, indigo, coffee, and cotton trade British East India Company
Area in which Western nations controlled trade/investment in China Sphere of Influence
This country forced China to trade opium! Britain
Why was India considered the "Jewel in the Crown?" India was a valuable colony for Britain
Ming/Qing policy of showing strength through limiting trade with foreigners. Isolationism
United States wanted to access trade with China led to the... Open Door Policy
The growth of urban populations aided in the growth of... Industry
Why was Franz Ferdinand in Serajevo? To make sure Serbia would not interfere with their control over Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Trench warfare trenchfoot, battle of attrition, and wet conditions
Nationalism the belief that people with a common ethnic ancestry, shared language, culture, history, and religion have the right to their own state
Germany's grand scheme/plan to win WWI Schleiffen Plan
The Balkans..."the powder keg of Europe" was located where... Southeastern Europe
Woodrow Wilson's plan for peace after WWI League of Nations
The member countries at the Treaty of Versailles' reaction to Woodrow Wilson's plans... Accepted some points of the plan
Women's suffrage the right to vote
Economic system based on private ownership of the means of production capitalism
Document which prohibited slavery in the Southern states of the Union Emancipation Proclamation
Alexander II promoted reforms in Russia upon losing which war? The Crimean War
The Treaty of Versailles main goal was to... Punish Germany by blaming them for the war, forcing them to give back land, and pay reparations.
Appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s main aim was to... satisfy Hitler's desire for territorial expansion
Which of the following signaled the beginning of the Great Depression? Stock market crash
Axis Powers of WWII Italy, Japan, and Germany
Dictator of Germany who took power in 1933... Adolf Hitler
Major purpose of the League of Nations and the United Nations... To solve international problems and promote world peace.
Fascism emphasizes the needs for... a strong central government led by a dictator
Which document did the United States not sign following WWI? Treaty of Versailles
Purpose of Propaganda to promote information to the masses and influence their beliefs
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