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Cold War Review

AP U.S. History

The technique of making unsupported charges without regard for the basic rights of the accused was named after Joseph McCarthy
Conducted by US soldiers, these resulted in the uprooting of Vietnamese villagers with suspected ties to the Vietcong, killing their livestock, and burning their villages search and destroy missions
Angry with Nixon's secret orders to bomb and invade Cambodia, Congress repealed this Tonkin Gulf Resolution
Who was chosen to replace Robert McNamara as secretary of defense? Clark Clifford
The American president who proposed the domino theory was Richard Nixon False
This group consisted entirely of Eastern European nations satellite nations
This was a direct communication link set up during Kennedy's presidency hot line
In the early years of the war, a young man could be automaticall deferred from the draft by enrolling in college
The Central Intelligence Agency was successful in carrying out covert actions in Iran
He was convicted in the Soviet Union of espionage and later returned tot he US in exchange for a Soviet spy Powers
Who won the 1968 presidential election? Richard M. Nixon
Almost 80 percent of US soldiers who fought in Vietnam came from the upper classes of society False
His religious beliefs were an important issue of the 1960 presidential campaign John F. Kennedy
Mikhail Gorbacheve resigned as the president of this nation the USSR
The growing youth movement of the 1960s became known as the New Right, a term that encompassed many different activist groups and organizations False
China sent troops into the Korean War conflict when the fighting neared China's border
In an attempt to win support for his war policies, Nixon made a special appeal to this group silent majority
This South Vietnamese policy was intended to combat the growing popularity and presence of an anti-government group in the South's countryside strategic hamlet program
Publication of this revealed, among other things, that the Johnson administration had lied to the public about its intentions in Vietnam Pentagon Papers
Which of the following was most effective in leading the American public to conclude that the war was unwinnable? the Tet offensive
All of the following occurred in 1968 EXCEPT the invasion of Cambodia
This tiny island nation was invaded by the US in 1983 Greneda
This involved an invasion of Cuba Bay of Pigs
This requires a president to inform Congress within 48 hours if US forces are sent into a hostile area without a declaration of war War Powers Act
He squared off against Kennedy during the Berlin crisis Nikita Khrushchev
He believed that the best way to avoid a third world war was to create a new world order in which all nations had the right of self-determination Harry Truman
Which administration's efforts to mislead the American people were revealed by the publication of the Pentagon Papers? Johnson's
This action provided vital supplies to a region blockaded by the Soviet Union Berlin airlift
Which of the following was the US' main goal in Vietnam? the containment of communism
The top US negotiator in Vietnam during Nixon's presidency was Robert McNamara False
He accepted Soviet aid for Cuba Fidel Castro
At various times, * claimed to have personal knowlege of 57, 81, or 205 Communists working in the State Department Joseph McCarthy
This nation invaded Kuwait in 1990 Iraq
This term refers tot he indirect but hostile conflict between the US and the Soviet Union that began ant the end of WWII Cold War
Americans who strongly felt that the Johnson administration wasn't doing enough to escalate and win the war were known as lions False
Which of the following authorized President Johnson to conduct the war in Vietnam? the Tonkin Gulf Resolution
The satellite nations of the Soviet Union were members of this military alliance Warsaw Pact
This granted the US president broad military powers in Vietnam Tonkin Gulf Resolution
As Secretary of State, he proposed that the US declare its inention to use massive retaliatory force against any aggression Dulles
To expose Vietcong tunnels and hideouts, US planes dropped this gasoline-based bomb that set fi re to the jungles of Vietnam napalm
This was specifically designed to bring an end to America's involvement in Vietnam and to bring about "peace with honor" in Vietnam Vietnamization
The MAIN purpose of the War Powers Act was to restrict the power of the president
The invasion of Cambodia led to all of the following EXCEPT Nixon's decision to resign
Which president asked Congress for the Tonkin Gulf Resolution Johnson
Television, the worsening state of the US economy, and the Fulbright hearings helped to increase this credibility gap
could only be charged with perjury, not espionage, becasue too many years had passed since the spying had taken place Alger Hiss
This group was dependent on and dominated by the Soviet Union satellite nations
The policy known as containment was designed to restrict the spread of communism in foreign countries
The US military used planes to spray this leaf-killing toxic chemical that devastated the landscape of Vietnam Agent Orange
This strategy was intended to broaden America's range of options during international crises by "strengthening and modernizing the military's ability to fight a nonnuclear war." flexible response
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