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US/VA Unit 4 Vocab

Civil War & Reconstruction

Abolitionists Individuals who were opposed to slavery
Dred Scott v. Sanford Supreme Court case which strengthened the argument for slave owners.
Fort Sumter Site of the opening confontation of the Civil War
Emancipation Proclamation Lincoln's plea to free the slaves after the Battle of Antietam
Gettysburg Battle in Pennsylvania; viewed as the turning point in the Civil War
Appomatox Site of Lee's surrender to Grant
Abraham Lincoln President of the United States during the majority of the Civil War; supported holding the nation together by force.
Jefferson Davis President of the Confederate States of America
Ulysses S. Grant Union military commander who won victories over the South after several other generals failed.
Robert E. Lee Confederate general who was actually opossed to secession.
Frederick Douglass Former African American slave who became a prominent abolitionist
Gettysburg Address Speech by Abraham Lincoln that defined America as one nation, not a collection of states
Reconstruction Period of time after the Civil War in which the nation sought to rebuild itself and reunite the country
Radical Republicans Group of Republicans who wanted to harshly punish the South for their transgressions during the Civil War
Andrew Johnson Lincoln's successor who was ultimately impeached (but not convicted); he was a Southern Democrat
13th Amendment Abolished slavery
14th Amendment Provided equal rights to all Americans and made African Americans born in the U.S. citizens!
15th Amendment Gave the right to vote to African American men (in theory).
Transcontinental Railroad Railroad that stretched between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
Compromise of 1877 Made Rutherford B. Hayes president but restored power to Democrats.
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