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Fairview 5 SS 8

Harcourt Horizons Grade 5 US History Chapter 8

What was the Boston Tea Party? A protest by a group of colonists who called themselves the "Sons of Liberty". They dressed up as Mohawk indians and dumped tea from England into the Boston Harbor because of the tea tax.
What was the Sugar Act? A British tax on sugar and other goods coming into the colonies.
What were the Townshend Acts? Taxes on lead, class, paint, paper and tea brought into the colonies.
What was the Boston Massacre? A fight in which British soldiers shot and killed five colonists who had attacked them with snowballs and rocks.
What was the Stamp Act? A British tax on all kinds of paper items. Each paper item had to have a stamp on it to prove the tax was paid.
Who is the "Commander in chief"? The leader of all the military forces.
What is a "mercenary"? A soldier who serves for pay in the military of another country.
What is a "petition"? A signed request.
What did the colonists mean when they yelled "No taxation without representation"? They believed a government shouldn't be able to tax citizens unless the citizens have a voice in that government.
What did the proclamation of 1763 say? British colonists were not allowed to explore, hunt on or buy land west of the appalachian mountains.
What are "earthworks"? Walls of earth and stone.
What is the olive branch a symbol of? Peace
What is a "blockade"? The use of warships to prevent other ships from entering or leaving a port.
What is a "bias"? Favoring or opposing someone or something.
What is a "Monopoly"? (hint: not the game!) Complete control of a product or service in a certain area by a single person or group.
What do you do when you "quarter" someone? You provide them with food and shelter.
What does "intolerable" mean? Unacceptable.
What is "Liberty"? The freedom of people to make their own laws.
What is "representation"? When someone acts or speaks on behalf of someone else.
What were the "intolerable acts"? Laws that Parliament made to punish the colonists of Massachusetts for the Boston Tea Party.
What was "The French and Indian War"? A war that took place in North America between Britain and France. They fought for control over the Ohio Valley region.
What area of land is described as "the Ohio Valley region"? A piece of land about 1,000 miles long stretching from the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River.
Who did the Native Americans fight along with as allies in the French and Indian war? France.
What happened in "Pontiac's Rebellion"? Chief Pontiac of the Ottawa tribe and other Native American leaders lead their tribes in order to fight the British colonists to get the Ohio Valley back. Their rebellion failed.
Why were British soldiers sent to the colonies during the French and Indian war? To protect the colonists.
What does it mean to "repeal" something? To cancel it.
What does "treason" mean? Working against your own government.
What is a "declaration"? An official statement.
What is a "boycott"? Refusing to buy certain goods.
What is a "pioneer"? A person who settles a new place.
What is a "proclamation"? An order from the country's leaders to it's citizens.
What is a "bill of rights"? A list of rights.
What is a "gap"? An opening, or low place, between mountains.
What is a "budget"? A plan for spending.
What is a "congress"? A formal meeting of representatives.
What is a "revolution"? A sudden, complete change.
What are "delegates"? Representatives.
What is a "fork" (hint: you don't eat with it!) A place where two rivers join to form a third.
What is "Parliament"? The Lawmakers of the British government in London.
What is an "ally"? A friend in war.
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