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Georgia studies Q

Indian removal, UGA & Louisville, baptists & Methodists, Cotton gin & railroads

Explain the founding of UGA UGA was founded in 1785, when the general assembly approved the charter, it was America's 1st publicly supported school of higher learning. Abraham Baldwin was chosen by Lyman hall to draft the charter
What is a land grant institution? The federal government gives you land.
why did the legislature want to move the capital to a central location in Georgia? Majority of the population was locat d in this central part of Georgia
What contributed to the general assembly desire to move the capital from Louisville? •Malaria •The population moved northeast •Milledgeville was the name of the new capital
What are the names of the 5 historic capitals of Georgia? Savannah, Augusta, Louisville, Milledgeville, and Atlanta.
The cotton gin caused a growth in? Population & Economics
Who invented the cotton gin? Eli Whitney
What happened as farmers began to gain any land that would produce cotton? Westward expansion
What were two negative impacts on the use of the cotton gin? The south became overly dependent on one crop, and increased slavery due to the profitably more labor was needed to pick the cotton
Impact of Railroads Atlanta became the the first major city to be created without a nearby navigable river
What does Teriminus, the former name of Atlanta mean? "end of the line", this was because Atlanta formerly only had the end of a railroad track crossing into it
How did the Revolutionary War impact churches in the South? Many ministers left America for Great Britain, but churches in Georgia continued to grow.
Who were circuit riders, and what did they do? They were ministers who went from district to district : the Anglicans, Quakers, Baptists, and Methodists. They were responsible for founding churches on the frontier region,
What were the main denominations in Georgia, and which were the largest? Baptist and Methodist were the largest & the other denominations were episcopal, Catholic, & Presbyterian (Prodestant)
How did slavery affect religion in the south Slavery caused a divide in religion, blacks weren't allowed to be preached to by white circuit riders, or allowed in the church.
What was the Great Revival/2nd Great Awakening Camp meetings and revivals were used to increase membership in the church
What were the three different land policies in Georgia ? The Headeoght system, The land lotteries, and The Yazoo land act,
What was the Headright System? The Headright system allowed white males to relieve the opportunity to receive up to 200 acres of land , it was offered to soldiers and civilians, but too many land claims were being made there was not enough land to be distributed
What was the Land lottery? created to give everyone fair chance of gaining land but putting people's names in a bucket a certain # of times based on characteristics and another bucket with numbers of areas of land in Georgia, concerns about the fairness of the lottery
What was the Yazoo land act ? The Ga gov. sold land to 4 companies that then turned around a resold the land, the deal was cut once the people went to the legislature and explained the situation.
What were the Two native groups in Georgia? the Cherokee and the Creek.
Why were the creek considered the most advanced tribes ? They quickly adapted to the traditions of the white settlers.
Who was Sequoyah, and what was his impact on the Cherokee ? Sequoyah created a list of groupings of symbols, a syllabary to create a way of written communication between the Cherokee that spread quickly amount natives
What wa style Cherokee Phoenix? A newspaper that was printed in Cherokee and English that allowed for nes to be transported from natives in the west and east
what's the capital of the Cherokee nation New Echota
Who's Alexander McGillivray? Creek leader, and was responsible for signing the Treaty of New York
What treaty did William Mcintosh sign? The treaty of Indian Springs .
What were the treaty of Indian Springs terms? It was made to ced (give up) the rest of the Creek land in Georgia to the Federal government for $200,000
What happened to William Mcintosh after signing the treaty? His house was burned down, we was stabbed and scalped in front of his family
Who signed the the Indian Removal act into law? President Andrew Jackson
Who is Reverend Worchester and what did he do? He was missionary and refused to take an oath of allegiance to the government or get a licenses to live on Cherokee land, he was sent to jail. After appealing his arrest he went to SC and was released
Who was the Principal Cheif of The Cherokee? John Ross
What did John Ross try to do to stop the removal? Created a petition that was signed by 90% of the Indians to not approve the treaty of the Indian removal act. it was ignored.
Who signed the Treaty of New Exhota ? Cherokee Major Rigde and his son John Rigde
What was the Trail of Tears The unpleasant removal of the Cherokee to western lands. They faced harsh weather, little food, and 1/3 of the Cherokee died on the journey west
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