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SS benchmark


Why were the League of Nations created to prevent future wars
How did the pure food and drug act change the way government regulated business it required businesses to indicate the ingredients in their products in order to protect the cunsumer
what was the primary challenge faced by hispanic immigrants since the 1940's unfair treatment by employers
even though president Roosevelt supported the allies with war supplies before 1941 most citizens reused to support england
why did congress pass laws protecting civil right during reconstuction to abolish black code in the south
why did the people in the great depression their temporay settlement communties hoover villes they blamed president hoover for the depression
why did the united states business inters favoh over seas expanion in the late 1800 to acquire new markets and sources of raw matehials
why was the purchase of alaska in 1867 importont to the development of the united states ecomy the land was rich in timber gold and oil
how did the federal reserves higher in terst states in the 1930 complicate the great depression people saved money rather than spending it
in the late 1800 why did the great plains region be come closely assoched with the population was framers a large portion of the population was farmers
how did the goverment policy of mainfest destiny native american living on the plains in the late 1800 native american were fored on to reservation while setters took thier land
how was the economy affected by conporate expansion in the 1950 it boomed the middle class grew
one consequence of word war2 was that the united states remained deeply involved in word affairs
which of these statesments descrihes anobstade to the assimlation of immigrant groups in the united states in the late 1800 chines immirants working for lower wages caused resentment
the automobile and the expansion of the roadway system in the 1950 led to growth of suburbon areas
which of these actions is an example of checks and blalances The war made United States citizens to be suspicious of Soviet immigrants
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