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Flashcards 8

Constitutional Convention

Articles of Confederation the first written plan of government for the United States. A confederation is an association of states that cooperate for a common purpose.
committed to agree or pledge to support someone or something
Constitutional Convention a meeting held in Philadelphia in 1787 at which delegates from the states wrote the U.S. Constitution
constitutions a written plan that provides the basic framework of a government
contradiction a difference between two statements or situations that means they cannot both be true
Electoral College the group established by the Constitution to elect the president and vice president. Voters in each state choose their electors.
Enlightenment the "Age of Reason" in 17th and 18th-century Europe. Enlightenment thinkers emphasized using rational thought to discover truths about nature and society.
framework a basic set of ideas used to develop a larger plan
Great Compromise the plan of government adopted at the Constitutional Convention that established a two-house Congress. In the House of Representatives, representation from each state is based on state population. In the Senate, each state is represented by two senators.
liberal supporting ideas of freedom, change, and progress
Northwest Ordinance a law passed by Congress in 1787
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