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Date of Reformation 1517-1648
Causes of the Protestant Reformation 1. Knowledge of corrupt RCC 2. Renaissance values 3. RCC's resistance to reform 4. Rise of kings, financial burden on lower classes 5. New nationalism 6. Printing press 7. anticlericalism 8. Pluralism 9. Absenteeism 10. Simony
Anticlericalism Opposition to the clergy
Pluralism Holding more than one church official office at a time
Absenteeism Result of pluarism
Simony Sale of church offices
When was 95 theses made 1517
Protestant criticisms of the RCC 1. Indulgences 2. Refusal to translate the Bible into Vernacular languages 3. Drifted away from original christianity 4. Too involved in non religious aspects of life 5. Pope and RCC leadership is immoral and corrupt 6. Do not need RCC to talk to God
What was John Wycliffe known as The Morning Star of the Reformation
Founder of Lollard movement Wycliffe
Translated Bible into English Wycliffe
Died in 1384 Wycliffe
Declared a heretic in 1415 Wycliffe
Priest in Prague Hus
Supported Luther's ideas Hus
Promised a safe passage, but was arrested upon arrival Hus
Death set of Hussite wars Hus
Reform movement through education Erasmus
Praise of Folly Erasmus
Who was known as the Prince of the Humanists Dediderius Erasmus
___ layed the egg that ___ hatched Erasmus, Luther
Lord Chancellor to Henry VII More
Wrote Utopia More
Died because of Treason Acts More
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