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Texas Revolution

Study Guide

Who was the commander in Chief of the soldiers during the Texas Revolution as well as the first elected president of the Republic of TX? Sam Houston
In 1836, what was the problem for the new government of TX? Many people still wanted to be a part of Mexico. Also, there was a lot of debt and soldiers were not trained.
What was the importance for the people of TX to write the Declaration of Independence? It was important because it declared independence to the Mexican Government, listed grievances was a formal declaration and notified other citizens of TX that independence was declared
What did Stephen F. Austin want to discuss with Santa Anna, the president of Mexico in 1833 He wanted to discuss Texas being it's own state
Why did TX soldiers attack a Mexican fort in Goliad? They wanted to protect TX settlers from Mexicans soldiers attacking
What was the runaway scrape? Why did they flee? The Runaway Scrape was the 1836 evacuation by Texas residents fleeing the Mexican Army of Operations during the Texas Revolution. Texans evacuated their homes because they feared Santa Ana's troops and feared becoming prisoners of war.
Why did Placid Benavides not support TX becoming independent? He did not want TX to be separated from Mexico. He wanted loyalty to Mexico.
What does the San Jacinto monument mean to you as a Texan? It symbolizes victory during the Texas Revolution and freedom from Mexico.
What events in the Texas Revolution characterized Sam Houston as a leader? He believed strongly in TX's liberty. After the loss in the Alamo, he regrouped and built up strength in the TX army and a month later beat Santa Ana quickly in battle. Sam Houston made sure that Santa Ana was not harmed when he was captured.
List the presidents in order of the Republic of TX: David G. Burnet (temporary) Sam Houston Mirabeau B. Lamar Sam Houston Anson Jones
Who was known as the "Father of Education?" What else was he known for? Mirabeau B. Lamar because he wanted land set aside for schools. He fought for TX independence and saved two surrounded Texans. He was the second president.
Who were the Texas Rangers and what was their purpose? A special force to protect the frontier, defend settlers from the police.
Name and describe the effect that the Battle of the Alamo had on the people of TX: They lost a lot of soldiers, Mexico won the battle at the Alamo, many settlers fled. In the end, they won their independence, freedom and liberty.
What were the main effects of the TX Revolution. Gained independence from Mexico. We didn't have to follow their rules/laws any more. We became our own state/ country/ Republic. We created our own government and established new rules/ laws
What was the importance of Adina de Zavala? Clara Driscoll? The importance of Adina de Zavala and Clara Driscoll was they helped preserve the Alamo.
What plea did William B. Travis make to the people of TX and all Americans in the US? He needed help to defeat Santa Ana. He pleaded for supplies and more men to fight
What factor contributed most likely to the defeat of the Texas soldiers at the Alamo? It was a large area to defend and few soldiers compared to the very large Mexican army. Not enough weapons either.
Created by: hjtbtxmom
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