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Southern Colonies

pull factors Things that attract people to a certain location.
settlement A small community of people living in a new place.
fort A strong building or group of buildings where soldiers live.
Virginia Company The joint-stock company that started the settlement of Jamestown.
push factors Things that cause people to move away from a certain location.
colony An area of land controlled by another country.
plantation A large farm on which crops are raised by workers who live on the farm.
joint-stock company A business owned by a group of people who will share in the profits and losses.
indentured servant Someone who agreed to work for a number of years in exchange for the cost of a voyage to North America.
cash crop A crop that people grow and sell to earn mon.ey
House of Burgesses The first elected legislative assembly in the New World
proprietor A person who owned and controlled all the land of a colony.
charter A document giving permission to a person or group to do something
Jamestown An English settlement founded in the colony of Virginia in 1607 by the Virginia Company of London
legislature A group of people with the power to make and change laws
discrimination The unfair treatment of particular groups of people
Created by: MrsLaFayette