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Westward Expansion

Virginia SOL 8a-8c, Westward Expansion, Entrepreneurs and Inventors

Entrepreneur Someone who organizes resources to bring a new or better product or service to the market, hoping to make a profit.
Louisiana Purchase Jefferson bought this land from France which doubled the size of the United States.
Manifest Destiny The idea that expansion was for the good of the United States and was the right of the United States no matter who got hurt.
Oregon Territory that was divided by the United States and Great Britain (1846).
Santa Fe Trail An important southern travel route west that led to what is now New Mexico.
California A war with Mexico resulted in this territory and the southwest territory becoming a part of the United States (1848).
Cotton Gin This invention increased the production of cotton and thus increased the need for slave labor to cultivate and pick cotton.
Cyrus McCormick He invented the reaper and was the entrepreneur that brought the reaper to market.
Florida Spain gave this land to the United States through the Adams-Onis treaty (1819).
Inventor The person to think of or make something.
Jo Anderson An enslaved African American who who worked with Cyrus McCormick to invent the reaper.
Lewis and Clark They explored the Louisiana Purchase and the Oregon Territory from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean.
Oregon Trail One of the most important routes west because it was one of the few places to cross the Rocky Mountains and reach the Pacific Ocean.
Peter Cooper An inventor that built new powerful locomotives which led to faster land transportation.
Reaper This invention increased the productivity of the American farmer.
Robert Fulton The steamboat was improved by this entrepreneur.
Steamboat This invention provided faster river transportation connecting Southern plantations and farms to Northern industries and Western territories.
Steam Locomotive This invention provided faster land transportation.
Texas Was annexed to the United States after winning their independence from Mexico (1845).
Eli Whitney He invented the cotton gin.
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